How to Respond If Someone Calls You a Racist

Are you a white person with no idea what to do if you get called out for doing or saying something racist?  Are you, in fact, as terrified as most of us at how to respond in such a situation? Is this you? Here I am, to the rescue.  Here are 8 steps to take when faced with this situation. ...more

17 Things You Probably Say That You Didn’t Know Were Racist

This is mainly directed at other white people.  Just putting that out there upfront.Btw this article doesn’t even scratch the surface, so if you have more, please share them in the comments below!...more

The Jackass Whisperer

I know, I know. Giving facts to far right numbnuts doesn’t help the situation because studies have shown that people just start denying facts when push comes to shove. Nevertheless, I cannot help myself some days. Days when bullshit like this pops up on my Facebook and triggers all my buttons: ...more

Arne Duncan on those Pesky White Suburban Moms

"UPDATE":  There are a growing number of brown-skinned mothers and fathers speaking out about Arne Duncan's extrememly divisive comments.  Here you'll find the latest one from a different perspective that points out his slyly hidden racist remarks toward brown-skinned families, as well.  After all, it's not only "white" mothers who live in the suburbs, although Arne may have missed that memo.  ...more
BlackCanseco Kristi Walker BlackCanseco BlogHer I updated my post with an article from a black ...more

Is the “Buy Local” Movement Anti-China?

Are you done with your holiday shopping yet? This year, the “Buy Local” message seems to be more prominent than ever. It’s a message with which I generally agree. My nieces and nephews always get gifts from the awesome independent children’s bookstore, and I like to check out small boutiques for things such as artisan foods and local honey. So when a “Buy Local” email was forwarded to my inbox, I was really disappointed to see the racist undertones in the message. 2011 Holidays -- Birth of a New Tradition...more
 @madeinusachallenge I'm glad you appreciate the difference between supporting fair labor and ...more

Racists in the Crib

Babies are hard wired to notice difference. Millennia ago, Difference Mattered.  A Lot. Difference could mean "Hey, you aren't part of my tribe and therefore, you are dangerous and possibly fatal to me, if nothing else you are competing for the food/shelter/reproductive rights that I am trying to preserve!" ...more
The problem with your post is you assume that only whites are capable of racism. If you are ...more

The Noose That Binds Us

A noose is a tool of murder. The noose has a specifically nasty American heritage that refuses to die. It is a stealth weapon of choice by cowards. This is not a simple story of a singular noose but of an alleged company structure that gave permission to maintain separate and unequal policies in its relationships to their employees. ...more

This is horrible. That noose is a threat! IT is also obviously a racist symbol. It also illegal ...more

Oh GROW UP people!

So I saw this article online about how people are whining that the new Disney movie "The Princess And The Frog" is racist. Just because the princess happens to be black and the prince is supposedly white. People are so darn childish! 1: We are all children of God. Therefore we are only ONE race, the HUMAN race. There may be separate ethnic groups, but separate races do not exist outside of shows like Star Trek. ...more