Weekend Menu Planning: Lots of Ways to Put Radishes on the Menu

Radishes are one of those taken-for-granted vegetables that don't get much recognition by some people. I confess, I wasn't too creative with radishes myself until a few years ago when I started growing them. Once I had garden-fresh radishes, they were so delicious I wanted to use them in new ways, and when I started searching for radish recipes, I discovered that radishes are a lot more versatile than I'd ever realized. Farmer's markets are also a good source of garden-fresh radishes, but even if you have to buy your radishes at the grocery store, I hope some of these radish recipes from food bloggers will help you re-discover radishes in your own kitchen. ...more

Home grown radishes are so tasty, and they grow really fast too! Have fun with them.

Kalyn ...more