My four-year-old frustrates me. Her cries infuriate. Fill me with a hate that is welling up inside. I want to run and hide. It’s late at night, why won’t she sleep? Her cries torment and make me weep. Shut up! Shut up! I want to yell. I can’t get out of this personal hell. Every night it comes to this. I raise my voice she raises hers, I raise my hand she cowers down....more

My Name is Tracy and I Throw Things

@Rita Arens I should channel it into exercise, that would do wonders for bikini season this ...more

Fun With Sepsis.

Poor hand-washing likely led to spread of rare infection at Royal Alexandra Hospital "Poor hand-washing rates in Edmonton and Alberta hospitals contributed to the spread of multi-drug-resistant bacteria that infected several people and likely played a part in the death of a Royal Alexandra Hospital patient. ...more

If Happiness Is Good for Your Health, Then Anger Is....

We have all witnessed cartoons where characters become angry -- like this picture, they turn bright red in the face, steam starts pouring out of their heads, their eyes become devilish and everyone around them thinks they are out of control and crazy (that is everyone except for the crazy angry character). Sometimes they begin throwing a huge fit comparable to a toddler laying on the ground screaming and kicking. Then it happens. Inevitably the character either explodes, turns into a raging mad lunatic or falls over dead from not being able to control the anger any longer....more

Thanks for sharing--your ideas for avoiding anger and putting that energy to good use are great. ...more

PMS = Please Make it Stop

It's 8:17 am and already I've managed to hurt my sister's feelings, then piss her off and instigate the "what the fuck is wrong with you" attitude from my 17 year old.  Good thing she knew it was coming, I reminded her that I was just around the corner from it, yesterday. ...more

Questions for the police: not getting raped is not my responsibility

There has been a spate of cab drivers charged with sexual and violent offences in Australia, where I live. According to ABC news (via Triple J radio) the police have asked women to be "careful" by sitting in the back and being aware of cabbie registration. (Just how that second point is supposed to help you, I'm not sure, unless we're noe responsible for catching rapists as well as avoiding them)....more

What is Intermittent Explosive Disorder?

Intermittent Explosive Disorder is an anger disorder that takes away your control over aggressive impulses....more

I. Hate. The. DMV.

hahah, seriously the DMV is such a waste of time. Last week I was gonna go renew my auto ...more

So boiling mad at my cable company

When our TV is on these days, it is either set to PBS or one of the music channels. I used to be able to just scroll backwards from channel 2 PBS directly into the music channels. Recently though my cable company, Charter Communications, changed their layout. Now when I scroll back wards from 2, I have to go through 14 Pay Per View movies available, 9 of which are porno movies....more

you could also turn on your Parental Control options which allow you to block Titles from ...more

Let the Battle Rage

http://projectsupermom.blogspot.com/2010/11/let-battle-rage.html Finally! Our representatives have grown a pair and have drawn a line in the sand against the fast food industry, on our behalf. In a nearly unanimous vote by city officials, fast food operators in San Francisco can no longer give away toys in kid's meals, unless they meet certain standards...much higher than what these restaurants currently hold for themselve...in sodium, fat, sugar, fruit, vegetable, beverage, and caloric content....more