The Sunlight Foundation Looks at Rahm Emanuel's White House Visitors

Last Friday, we learned what we had been hearing about all week: White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is leaving the White House to pursue a bid to be the next mayor of Chicago. Emanuel leaves behind him one of the most powerful positions in national politics, one which his presence made even more important. ...more


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Is a Bi-Partisan Cabinet Emerging - and Can It Help Us Heal?

Depends on who you ask. I've heard from more Democrats than I can count that Barack Obama's numerous appointments of centrist Clinton remnants have them feeling baited and switched; I've heard from multitudes of conservatives who feel disenfranchised that the only Republican in the promised bi-partisan is hold-ever Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates - who is neither a yardstick for Republicans or guaranteed to keep his job for the first year. (It has been said that Chuck Hagel is in the running for an appointment as well.) ...more