Summer Rain

I sometimes forget how much I love summer rain, even the subdued kind, like the one right now, the kind that lasts for days. The light shifts to green from bouncing off lush wet foliage under a murky sky. There is harmony in the dance of raindrops tapping on the roof, life itself feels softer, more fluid, like its very essence dissolves in the rain.I walked around the garden for a bit, just to watch it delight in the abundance of water pouring from the sky. If the plants were overgrown before, they sure doubled in size now. The squashes took over the walkway again....more

rides with rick: the rainy one

This past Saturday marked a very special day for us: it was the day that was just far enough from my last bike ride day so that I forgot how much I hate bike riding, and I wanted to go for another ride.  I told you it was a special day!...more

On a rainy day

Today was one of those rainy summer days when light is diminished and one derives a sense of well from being indoors and hearing the boom of the far away thunder as rain raps heavily on the roof.I had picked herbs before the rain started, large bunches of herbs, opal basil and bee balm and parsley and flowering mint. I hung them to dry in the kitchen and the whole house was filled with a spicy aroma....more

Asking for it to Rain

The past week I have received over 150 emails. Yup, that is a lot. Equally, at the beginning of the week I was informed that after Thursday the San Francisco Bay Area may fall into the Pacific Ocean. To say the least there is over reaction to a storm and a lot of requests to spend money this week would be an understatement. I was given everything from 10% off a $30 purchase saving me a whopping $3 to packing sandbags at 6am because there wasn't enough volunteers. ...more

Nature Chills Challenge

Hi :)Here is my post for today. I took part in the Nature Chills Challenge by A Momma's View. She will be listing her 10 fav entries on her blog so that her readers can then vote for the top three. This is exciting :) All the explanations and links are given in my post below. Check it out :)


Yesterday's storm never came.I am waiting for it still.  The sky is overcast.  I am thinking that it's a no show.  I head out for my walk with Sheba without a hat.  Of course, the sun comes out and beats down on us. I regret my decision immediately.  Why do things always happen like that?...more


I'm moving slowly and heavily through the day.  The weather is playing havoc with my body and my mind.  I am familiar with this game so I know the moves well.  First one foot, then the other and so on.  I am moving slowly but still making progress.It rained all day yesterday.  But it was one of those comforting days you felt cocooned in the house and what you were doing.  The sound of rain falling was a soothing backdrop. It surrounded me with its music....more

Nothing like a rainy fourth of July

The collective sound of disappointment is from all the collective people who made plans for activities for the fourth of July.Here at Undisclosed Deux, it is raining buckets.Allegedly the rain will finish later and Saturday and Sunday promise to be nice. The rain I, for one, welcome, because yesterdays’ humidity was a little much,and the front has brought the temperature down to manageable levels.Have a good fourth with family and friends!...more


It rains still.  How many days now?  I have lost count.  But Sheba and I are strong.  Every morning we don our black rain gear and we walk our talk -  neither rain nor sleet.  Hush!  I better keep my mouth shut.  Even if it is the end of June, you just never know what the weather will do....more


It's raining again.  I am sitting here watching the rain and listening to its beat on the deck roof.  And wherever I go, Sheba has to go, of course. She is happily listening along with me....more