The Little Yellow Rain Boots

He called them “my boats.” Aunt Angie gave them to him for Christmas 1999. She picked them up at a yard sale for about a quarter and thought he might like them. He was 18 months old.He didn’t love them immediately, but day by day, week by week, his love grew until it was complete, devoted, and faithful. Before long, he wouldn’t wear anything else. He wore them to “school” and to Sunday school with his pretty clothes. He wore them to the grocery store with Mommy. He wore them until they were difficult to put on and take off. He wore them until he plainly said, “My boots.”...more

Gardening Fashionably or fashionably Gardening?

Let me start this off by talking about the biggest green thumb I know, my grandma. That woman could grow a bird of paradise in the middle of winter. She has the biggest plants and had the biggest garden I had ever seen. Growing up we would go visit her and she would have beans, pumpkins, watermellons, and all sorts of other veggies. She never really bought any produce, she grew it herself. When she grew up in Missouri, she had to learn how to be the gardner and she knows how to solve any gardening problem....more

Back to School: 10 Great Rain Gear Choices

I'm not an experienced "Back to School" shopper. In fact, my son is entering public Kindergarten, so for us, this is really "Off to School" shopping. And when you shop in September, it is tempting to load up on shorts and t-shirts. I mean, that's what he's wearing right now -- and they're on sale.But I'll try not to forget that Fall weather is around the corner and soon we'll be stuffing jeans into rainboots and wrestling umbrellas into buckets next to the door. It's time to shop for rain gear as well....more

Those Vincent boots are so, SO cute!


Bryony Boxer


Rainy Day finds


Love the fun umbrellas - I too am enduring the CA rain today but I have my trusty Hunter ...more