Photo: Color

The Uniqlo store interior in San Francisco. Rainbow Stairs!What fun colorful things have you found lately? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for reading!Ciao! Paula ...more

14 Easy Ways to Celebrate Find a Rainbow Day

It doesn't matter how many rainbows I've seen in the last 40 years. Whenever I encounter a new one, there's something about the phenomenon that makes me grab my camera and record it for posterity. Right? I can't be the only person who has random iPhone pictures of blurry rainbows. ...more

What's Your Rainbow

I love that inspiration can come from anywhere.Tonight, I was out for a beautiful bike ride with me favorite fur baby. It was a gorgeous evening. I was taking in the scenery around me when I looked to the right and saw the tail end of a rainbow.It got me thinking; there is often a rainbow after the rain.There is often something beautiful after the storm....more

ROYGBIV Quilts, Say What!?!

Crazy letters! What in the world do they mean? If you are are a scientist, a quilter or observe the Chakra energy centers, you probably know! ...more
Linda Anselmi Hey there, Linda! How I love to see your flowered avatar and know that something ...more

St. Patrick's Day Pancakes

Last night started our countdown to St. Paddy's Day! I saw a picture of rainbow pancakes last week on Pinterest and immediately wanted to make them. So, we made them for dinner! They ended up being super easy to make and I think they are the perfect way to get into the Irish spirit....more

The colors of November

It started with yesterday’s sunset.  A rainbow of colors were splashed across the sky.  What I didn’t know was that they were a hint of things to come.Read more......more

Sparkly Rainbow Pinwheel Tote

I love starbursts, color, and a splash of glitter here or there! I combined all three to create this super fun starburst tote bag!!! I think it turned out really fun...definitely something I will be proud to carry around :) Here's how you make it! ...more

Rainbow Jello

I made the mistake of showing my daughter a picture of something like this months ago and she stored it away in the back of her brain.  She's that way.  When we were planning her birthday party, a Wizard of Oz one, she decided that she must have a rainbow cake and rainbow jello.  This is the part when I kick myself for showing her in the first place. It is time consuming to do this, but sooooooo cool ...more

microfinance my diaper bag!

Dear Google,When I decided to try the AdSense thing that's on the dashboard to "monetize" my blog, you said you'd match me with ads that "fit" my blog. What are you thinking??? Kiva Microfinance?? Or, 'Microfinance Empowers'? I love that you think I'm interested in that (makes me feel really smart) but I have to tell you. I don't spend any downtime on microfinance sites....more

St. Patrick's Day Healthy Rainbow Cupcakes

My daughter was flipping through the Family Fun Magazine when the last page caught her eye. It was a recipe for rainbow cupcakes–perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. I looked down the ingredient list and was a little upset. They used food dyes and a white cake mix. I thought that I could make it much healthier. So I came up with this alternative: RAINBOW CUPCAKES ...more