Rain, Rain , Go Away

It is weeks like the past one that make me wish we lived in a warmer and sunnier climate.It was too dark and dreary.->Continue Reading on Long Days, Short Years...more

Monday, Monday

It's a rainy morning here today complete with thunder and lightning.  It feels like a lazy day but of course, I have a to-do list three miles long!Today would be the perfect day to slap on my sweats, crawl in bed, and read.  I have about 5000 books downloaded and I would love to put a dent in them!  The dogs are already napping after their morning walk and the temptation to join them is very strong!...more

Upholding a Vow: For better, for worse

My last blog post was about treasuring each and every day with my children. My vow was to live in the here-and-now, if you will. However, I should have added that every so often, when you have small children, it is best to enjoy the here-and-now while also enjoying a small shot of bourbon.I say this because the day after I made my vow, the weather was dark and gray, and my children, husband and I were forced to stay indoors. Almost all day. Trapped inside. With all of that pent up energy and frustration that I somehow couldn’t channel into anything constructive....more
 @Isabel_Anders Oh, I love this Erma Bombeck quote. I can't wait to share with my husband to ...more

Me. My Boys. Mayhem. McDonald's.

Last Saturday, a better name for this mommy blogger would have been The Super Cranky Mom, rather than The Introspective Mom....more
@edavis Thanks so much :) Hope you and your kiddos are doing well!!more

Rainy Day in Taos

Weather matters, doesn't it? It does to me. It's been absolutely, splendidly beautiful here in Taos since we arrived almost a month ago. Couldn't ask for better. Today is cloudy though, and it rained most of the night, but that's a good thing. It's a blessing, in the purest form. Water in the desert. Back in our Seattle days, and even last winter in Ashland, a rainy day was not a novelty, and certainly not a comfort. Not to me....more

The rest of a rainy day

Well it wasn't all rainy. The sun tried t shine.  After groc. shopping, Ted did some outside chores w/ a hat on... and it's only OCT. 4th!  I made the dough for some cheesy crackers for our car-trip w/ the club to Vermont next weekend.  I'll cook them tomorrow and report on how they came out. ...more