What Potty-Training Taught Me About My Son

My pride was exposed, that's what. What about you?"What Potty-Training Taught Me About My Son" just appeared in The Good Men Project (originally published by BLUNTmoms). ...more

Boys Today

To say I was a reluctant mother is an understatement, and I love kids. It was fear. Fear of screwing up. Fear of creating dysfunction, fear of dooming my offspring to a lifetime of therapy.My husband was the cheerleader. He wanted to be a father more than anything, and he had no fear. Most important, he was committed to hand’s on fathering. Watching him with others’ children, I had no doubts.Well, OK, then. We traveled, lived it up as a couple for a few years and then, we got pregnant....more

Boys and Guns

You know that moment when you look over and notice that your 5-year old son has drawn a picture of a monster holding 2 guns along with an army of "minions", also ready to shoot at any enemy in their path... and you are in CHURCH? And that he drew this masterpiece in the coloring book from one of the children's bags that belongs to CHURCH? ...more

If your son (or daughter) plays football, read this - Part 2

I'm not a huge football fan but I have a son that wants to play football when he's older. I'm trying to convince my husband that we need to encourage another sport. (Not that any are perfectly safe, but let's be honest: football is at the top of the list for concussions, and my son's brain is the part I'm most worried about!)So, as usual, I'm going to summarize a medical article so you can get the most important parts:...more


For those of you who read my blog post Legotarian you already know that my son Webster no longer wants to associate himself with pink or anything “girlie,” which absolutely includes princesses. I was therefore a little surprised when he requested to have a Disney’s Frozen party for his 7th birthday....more

Happy Boys!

Here are my tricks to raising happy boys. I’m sure these trick could work for girls too, but since I have boys, I am writing about boys.Get them plenty of fresh air. A walk, cycle, or a picnic are all good, just get them outdoors. My personal favourite thing to do with my boys outside is to walk in botanical gardens. I love trees....more

It's Time to Buy the Kids Easter Outfits! But Where Are All the Boys' Clothes?

Easter is less than a month away, which means it's time to shop! Every year, I got a new Easter dress and sometimes even a matching purse. A few times, I rocked an awesome hat. I am the lucky mother to two amazing little boys. I love to dress them up nicely on Easter (and other holidays, really). As they've aged out of baby and toddler clothes, I find myself cringing every year I have to find something for them to wear. Why? I get pretty peeved that little girls have eleventy billion dresses to choose from and we get two shirts in four colors, a tie, and a hat. Sigh. ...more
We are doing the Target Shaun White collection this year. We don't dress up in suits but I like ...more

Warning: If your son (or daughter) plays football

My husband is from Alabama, where football is the sport of choice. He wants our son to play football but I don't. The more I read about it, the worse I feel just thinking about him playing in elementary school!And then I run across this new study:http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/272770.php...more

Single Mom: You are not the Father & That's Okay

This post is dedicated to single mothers who are currently raising or are preparing to raise young boys. ...more

New findings on the brain may explain why girls' mature faster

New research from Newcastle University shows that the process of re-organzing our brains' connections happens earlier in girls. This may explain why girls mature faster during their teen years compared to boys.Once we're born, our brain starts pruning its connections in order to become streamlined. Despite the fact that some connections are lost during pruning, it's actually a good thing. It keeps the important connections to enhance the brain's network of information....more