Building the Chicken Run!

It seems a whole lifetime ago that we bought our little chicks for Jon's 4H project. At the time, we figured it would be no problem to get a coop built and move them outside as soon as weather and size permitted....more

Operation Chicken

Every spring, once the chicks were old enough to lose their down  and get their feathers it was time to introduce them to life outdoors.  This was not an easy task because chickens are, well chicken! We were forced to literally pick up every single little chicken and throw them out the small door into their fenced in run. As soon as they were off the slanted plank walkway, they tried to scramble back in....more

Lisa Steele's Book on Raising Chickens + More!

Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily wrote a book on natural chicken keeping called Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens Naturally. It's been the #1 or #2 bestselling bird care book since it came out, and it is available on, B& and at local bookstores, feed stores, and gift shops around the country. ...more
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A Wanna-Be Farmer but Never a Butcher

We’d raised our beloved chickens from the time they were bright yellow little fuzzy-balls, and we kept them well fed and wholly healthy. And when the time was right we even enjoyed gathering and eating their freshly laid eggs. Rich delectableness! We also planned to enjoy cooking a variety of chicken recipes: fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, chicken on the rotisserie, flesh smothered in butter and sage. Why, the recipes we came up with were mouthwatering and endless. Alas, we quickly found out that we just couldn’t eat our beloved chickens to save our lives!...more
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Farm Friday - Happy Birthday!

Anne KimballBringing Borya Home ...more

And Now A Word About Chickens and Babies...


On Chicks Becoming Chickens, And Becoming Dinner

I feel completely out of touch with our chicks. It may have something to do with being away from home for a few days immediately after they arrived, though I suspect it may be more, well, more deliberate than that....more
Awesome post!  We got chicks for the first time last spring and, hand to God, we haven't lost a ...more

If You're Going to Dream, Dream BIG

We had a dozen or so laying hens in a coop.  These were all standard-size laying hens…several Aracaunas, a few Plymouth Barred Rocks, one Buff Orpington and a couple of Rhode Island Reds.  The chicken coop was situated in such a way as to allow our vigilant Australian Cattle Dog to patrol all the way around the chicken yard....more

Waiting for Johnny

Ten months ago, I decided we needed to raise chickens for eggs.  I find commercial egg producers... well, let's just leave it at "disturbing".  And, my youngest son was a sophmore in college, and I needed something new to occupy my focus.  So, I build an adorable chicken house, and bought 5 chicks.  All different kinds.  I love them. We give the eggs to our friends and neighbors, and life is good. Then, I decided to get ducks.  I am allergic to chicken eggs, and heard that duck eggs would probably be fine. So......more

Oh, I can't wait to read more. My daughter is absolutely chicken obsessed, and we're planning to ...more