The real meaning of beautiful

There are a few things I'm not looking forward to dealing with as a parent. Not because I don't want them to happen...because alll of them are going to happen...but mostly because I don't think I'll ever be ready to handle them as a parent.And let's just say most of those things revolve around puberty......more

Raising cheerleaders

I'm raising girls, and I want them to be cheerleaders. I’m not talking about the ones on the sidelines at football games. That would be fine too, but what I want goes deeper than that. Let me explain....more

Summer break fades as fast as childhood

Summer is fading fast. The temperatures are cooler, the days are shorter and school is back in session. I miss it already. I feel like I'm getting ready to hibernate for the winter--storing up food, getting out the mittens and preparing to stay in my toasty warm house during the cold, cold days. But this summer---it was a good one. It's just that it symbolizes how quickly childhood fades as well.My soul goal this summer was to spend time outside and with the kids. Based on their tans alone, I'd say I was successful in at least one of those tasks....more

How To Destroy Princess Culture With LEGO Friends

Growing up I had Barbie and Ninja Turtles. I had LEGO and cars and baby dolls and a massive Barbie mansion where all of my toys went to epic parties. Although my brother did not come for a while, my sister and I were raised for eight years of my life in a very gender neutral way by today's terms. ...more
Woot! Thanks KylieMJ! I thinks we sometimes discredit how important it is for fathers to not ...more

Black is the New Pink

My daughter Tink (not her real name) is about to turn 9, and everything is changing. She has always been sassy, smart, and fearless, but until last year, she preferred to do it in various shades of pink....more

The Gutsy Girl Story

For weeks I've had on my to-do list an intention to write the Gutsy Girl Story. You know, a monologue on why I began. I don't think that's a bad idea but I don't think it is as good a story as the conversation I had with my daughter last night while she watched Dolphin Tale and I was reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.Out of the blue my daughter says that she'd like to have her own zoo one day. She went on to say "but I'd also like to be a nurse too". We talked about conservation and the importance to our wildlife of disposing of plastics correctly, so they don't end up in our oceans....more

The Makeup Bag, or I'm the Worst Gender-Neutral Parent Ever, Part II

You might remember my writing a little piece called The Purse almost a year ago, discussing my feelings around my son wandering the living room with a purple beflowered handbag, filled to the brim with Matchbox cars.Well, today, I'm here with the sequel....more
Why you put make-up on Mommy?   Because it makes mommies feel pretty. And while you wouldn't ...more

New findings on the brain may explain why girls' mature faster

New research from Newcastle University shows that the process of re-organzing our brains' connections happens earlier in girls. This may explain why girls mature faster during their teen years compared to boys.Once we're born, our brain starts pruning its connections in order to become streamlined. Despite the fact that some connections are lost during pruning, it's actually a good thing. It keeps the important connections to enhance the brain's network of information....more

Parenting Fail: "Your Thighs Aren't Fat, but Look at Mine!"

I had a parenting failure this weekend; I almost didn't want to write about. But, my goal on this blog has always been to show the real side of parenting. The side of we don't see during pick up or drop off lines at school, during church, or out in the stores. Typically we consider our parenting failures as something we did, or didn't do. We berate ourselves for yelling, for not following through, or being distracted. We worry about the things, that can be turned around to show our kids grace and forgiveness for ourselves and other people. ...more
@jeszimsmi Thanks for reading my blog post! The more we love and forgive ourselves the more that ...more

Little girls learning about body image: The subtle sting of Barbie

My family spent a wonderful day at the neighborhood pool, for a friend's birthday party. It was one of our most fun pool days ever, though we didn't use enough sunblock and are paying the price tonight.There was one sad moment for me. I spent much of the day following my two-year-old around, as he played with little boats and pool noodles at the steps of the pool and hot tub. There were three very sweet little girls playing with Barbie mermaids, and my son reached out to try to play with one. The girls politely told him "No, that's not yours."...more