On Raising boys

 As a woman who grew up in a house full of women, and whose family is dominated by girl children, it was a huge shock to me when my first kid came out a boy. Literally. We didn’t find out which version we had while I was pregnant, and all my life I just assumed I was destined to have girls. To this day I still look at my life and I’m all like “wow, living with boys is just… wow…”....more

Why it's Good to be a Girl

Sometimes, as a mother of three little girls, I just want to scream.  Probably not for the reasons you might think.  What I really want to scream out loud to the world is this:It's good to have girls.  It's good to be a girl.  Girls.  Are.  Good....more

10 Things Every Mother Should Teach Her Daughters

 One thing I have discovered as a parent of girls...more

What's so bad about the Princesses?


Damn You, Barbie!

This morning, as I battled to tame her deliciously curly brown hair for school, Baby G very sadly uttered: “Mama, I wish I had long, straight yellow hair and blue eyes.” That one sentence halted my world. ...more
Wow that was an amazing response! That should be on a hallmark card: we've got the same ...more

Piglet is a Girl! (Toddlers & Gender)

I've been thinking a lot about gender lately, especially as I notice changes in my 2 year old daughter. I haven't found a way to organize these thoughts other than in a list; maybe something more will emerge....more

Why Judging Young Girls Is Always A Good Idea

I hope you are as sick of hearing about Miley as I am. Every time the public reacts to something like this I worry about our girls. People are saying that her performance at the VMAs sent a bad message, but I wonder if the messages we're sending our daughters with our reactions to it isn't worse.This "thing" will pass, but the comments our daughters hear us making about it will stick. ...more