5 Empowering Gifts for Girls

The older my daughter gets, the harder it is to find just the right Christmas presents for her. At seven, she's done with Princesses, done with Barbie, and done with Polly Pockets. What else is there? I've bought her books, learning apps she can play on my phone, and clothes galore. So this Christmas, as I grapple with what to buy her, I started thinking that the best presents for my daughter are not material, tangible, or store-bought....more
These are all excellent suggestions. When I first read the title I assumed the gifts would be ...more

Forced into Marriage at 14

 “I refuse to walk in my mum’s shoes” says Mister , 14 year old child bride to WFAC concerning how she was forced to marry a man who is 3 times her age “It all started when I left the city and travelled to the village to spend the summer holidays with my grand mum”, Ms. Mister narrates her struggle, fighting against marrying a 35 year-old man. August 2013, Mister recalls, her mum joking about her meeting her husband in the village....more

Lying Little Girls Dropping F-Bombs Keep Feminism On The Fringe

FCKH8, a T-shirt sales company masquerading as an anti-hate activist group, is pretty freakin' good at using shock value and expletives to grab people's attention.  First, it was their race-y (pun intended) video featuring Ferguson, MO youngsters throwing around some major attitude about race relations in their "Hey White People!" video....more

Monday/Friday: A lesson in modeling good behavior

Sixth grade is hard; harder then any other grade so far. I think it's because they are on on the cusp of adulthood.   Their bodies are changing and so are their thoughts.  They don't know what to make of it all because they still want mommy to kiss it and make it all better.On Monday, when I went to pick up Miss A, I could tell the minute our eyes met that something happened.  She tried her hardest to keep it in until she reached the safety of my arms and then the tears flowed.  The other moms around us understood  what happened.  ...more

New York in Texas

I was born and raised in New York and for the longest time I truly believed there was no place on earth I’d rather be.  There is no doubt New York has much to offer; culture, art, and food, just to name a few. However, soon after I had my daughter, I began to realize that some of the things I wanted for her wasn't going to be found in New York.  That was the beginning of our journey and in 2007 I found myself in Texas....more

Mothers of Daughters: Are you ready to rid the world of mean girls??

Our daughters; we know what they’re going through and we just want to make it all better, but we usually fall short. We don't have the words, and if you are like me, it's all you can do to NOT call the other mother and give her a piece of your mind.  But that's not going to work; it will fuel the fire and give the mean girl the power she needs to keep being mean. If we truly want to rid the world of mean girls, then the mothers of daughters must lead the way....more

Do You Like The Like A Girl Commercial? Let's Celebrate Being Girls: #ownlikeagirl

 Have you seen the "like a girl" campaign by Always?  While I love the message, it also raised some questions for me about how we talk to girls about, well...being girls....more

Maybe Someday...

Source : http://www.shahgeeta4u.com/2014/04/maybe-someday.html ...more

GoldieBlox is Making Toys to Turn Girls Into Engineers

I think this is what it must have felt like to watch the first moon landing or the first television broadcast...I just found out about GoldieBlox, a company whose slogan is "Disrupting the pink aisle." What I am about to write makes it sound like I am part of the GoldieBlox marketing team: I have no connections to GoldieBlox whatsoever, I am just a woman blown away by the idea that there is a commercial I would be excited to show my daughters. ...more
SunbonnetSmart.com I don't think this toy is for everyone.  Certainly it wouldn't have been for ...more

The Day Skinny Found My Daughter

“Mommy, aren’t I skinny?!” I may have gasped. Skinny -- it’s stronger than you might think. It knocked the wind right out of me. Within seconds I was searching the file folders in my mind, sifting through pages of old conversations I’d had with her, near her, around her. I typed “Skinny” into my search engine. File not found. Skinny. Where did she hear that word? ...more
I don't have kids, but this made me tear up a bit — you know for that little girl inside all of ...more