Motherhood is...

"Motherhood is buying a shirt for your daughter that she tried on and loved in the store only to have her refuse to wear it at home because it’s too itchy.“This was the status update I posted on my blog’s Facebook page last week.  So simple, yet so true....more

Things I've Stepped on Since I've Had Kids

Huh.That was a new one.I looked down at my feet and the object upon which I’d just stepped. It was a plastic cup. And not a drinking cup, but a protective cup from my ten-year-old’s baseball shorts. Now how did THAT get on the living room floor?It could be the strangest thing I’d ever stepped on. But then again, since I’ve had kids, I’ve stepped on things I didn’t even know existed before! Here’s a quick list of things I’ve stepped on:...more

10 Reasons I'm a Stay at Home Mommy

The new report showing the rate of stay-at-home mommies is increasing is no surprise to me.  I am a Stay-at-home mommy of three myself and I am very fortunate that my family is able to allow me to stay home but it’s not all by choice.  I know circumstances are different for every family and what is important to one family is not to other but these are the factors that have led my family to decide for me to stay at home with our children:...more

Life with Blinders

I'm talking to parents of young kids and my message is this:WAKE UP people and educate yourselves in all things technology related. Or at least as much as you possibly can. And then some. Else your kids are going to get away with EVERYTHING.Don't have the time? Aren't really worried about it?Go ahead and keep those blinders on. Go ahead and tell yourself that your kid would NEVER do anything like that. Really? Not even in an attempt to defend a friend? Didn't think of that, did you?...more
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Go With The Flow

Once upon a time, I had an agenda every single day.  Without fail.  A lovely, strict schedule of what to do when.  It served me quite well and I enjoyed it.  I worked within its structured time slots with peace of mind and completed need-to-dos BECAUSE doing this left me with plenty of time for all those want-to-dos!  Every day of this self-imposed, agenda-run life served me quite well all the way through grad school.   And it continued serving me well until the day the first child arrived-a fact to whi...more
Pecked2DeathByChckns So glad you got some insight from this. My parents weren't nearly as ...more

See what happens when you are nice to people

 At Walmart with my son last week picking up the rest of his party stuff as he is bouncing everywhere and using his VERY good imagination as he “shoots zombies” and hides behind my cart and others carts (oh yes we are those people that others frown upon in stores for my kid being just that… a kid)...more
Aw. It was very nice of him to help her.more

Raising Babies: It’s Just a Phase

One of the most common questions new moms ask themselves about raising their new little being is, “how am I going to get through this?” Becoming a parent for the first time is overwhelming. No matter how much you prepare for the diapering and the feeding and the clothing, you just can’t know what to expect with the actualparenting. I hate to say it – but when it’s your first, you’re really going in blind....more