Go With The Flow

Once upon a time, I had an agenda every single day.  Without fail.  A lovely, strict schedule of what to do when.  It served me quite well and I enjoyed it.  I worked within its structured time slots with peace of mind and completed need-to-dos BECAUSE doing this left me with plenty of time for all those want-to-dos!  Every day of this self-imposed, agenda-run life served me quite well all the way through grad school.   And it continued serving me well until the day the first child arrived-a fact to whi...more
Pecked2DeathByChckns So glad you got some insight from this. My parents weren't nearly as ...more

See what happens when you are nice to people

 At Walmart with my son last week picking up the rest of his party stuff as he is bouncing everywhere and using his VERY good imagination as he “shoots zombies” and hides behind my cart and others carts (oh yes we are those people that others frown upon in stores for my kid being just that… a kid)...more
Aw. It was very nice of him to help her.more

Lemon-Day Picnic

Raising Babies: It’s Just a Phase

One of the most common questions new moms ask themselves about raising their new little being is, “how am I going to get through this?” Becoming a parent for the first time is overwhelming. No matter how much you prepare for the diapering and the feeding and the clothing, you just can’t know what to expect with the actualparenting. I hate to say it – but when it’s your first, you’re really going in blind....more

Life Lessons of an OCD Mom

Please don’t get C a blanket she can draw on for her birthday.

This parenting thing is a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants affair for me. I’ve got enough maternal intuition to get me through the day with my child essentially unscathed. For instance, she narrowly escaped eating goose poop yesterday thanks to my stealthy ways. I’m a pro. But when it comes to the details, I am learning as I go and making decisions as challenges arise. I am not a child psychologist, and I am sure I will make some totally intentional weirdo choices during the next 17 years regarding C’s upbringing....more

Dearest Mic... (a love note to my son)

December 18, 20127:15 a.m.Dearest Mic,...more

Mindful Parenting: Encourage Kids Rather than Praise or Criticize

As a therapist for children and parenting support provider, I like to help parents be very clear about their vision and purpose when considering how they interact with their children.  It is my desire to assist parents in being mindful, being present, being intentional in the way we go about raising and guiding our children....more

Facebook as a Parenting Punishment Tool: Good Idea?

Denise Abbott's decision to publicly discipline her daughter on Facebook sets a precedent to be public about their issues. Technically, her 13-year-old Ava set this precedent when she first disrespected her mother online, but Denise followed suit. If the experts who say that modeling proper behavior is the best way to teach children life skills, like discretion and respect, then arguably Abbott's choice of discipline may have inadvertently reinforced her daughter's behavior instead of curbed it. Kind of like spanking a child to punish him for hitting, or screaming at a child for throwing a tantrum....more
@Johann7 Your comment has really given me food for thought. You are right. There is an accepted ...more