Why Parenting a Teenager is Something to Look Forward to (Not Dread!)

 A couple weeks ago, I posted "8 Things Moms of Young Daughters Have to Look Forward To (Really!) on my blog. It's been such a privilege to hear from several moms of girls who said my little list encouraged them not to dread the teen years quite so much....more

Why some parental decisions get rebuffed

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei's personal blog, Moxie-Dude.When people first meet me they’re always surprised by my age. If you don’t know me in real life, I’m pulling 40.Note from the Hamster: Liar! You’re pushing 50!Then they’re surprised to find out that I’m a mother to four kids – two in their mid to late 20s and two teenagers....more

10 Things Teens Do Better Than Anyone Else

Although the youngest of my three children will soon be 19, and there are still days of the down and dirty teen years challenging us every now and again, I am fairly confident that we are almost out of the woods. Credit: justien. ...more
bethmarkley  I love this....so very truemore

The Pet Saga: Fancy Rats Part 2

The Fancy Rat saga continues.  This stuff is just too good not to write down....more

Christmas With New Pets

Christmas was a bit of a let down this year; a little anticlimactic.  Now that the kids are 16 and 18, there's no mystery about the day.  They both asked for very specific gifts and didn't want any surprises.  Unlike Christmases in the past, they both slept late.  They used to get up at dawn on Christmas morning; this year they got up around 10:00.  ...more

Boys are so much Easier ...

                 During one of the last meetings in my last year at M.O.P.S, Mothers of Pre-Schoolers, I sat juggling my five year old daughter's crying fit over not being included in a game while fumbling to find and fix my one year old daughter's Velcro hair ribbons when a mother leaned over and whispered, "Aren't boy's so much easier than girls?"...more

When Teens Lash Out

“My kid has totally turned against us,” a friend of mine lamented as she shared all the ways her teenager was lashing out in rebellion. “She insists when she turns 18, she’s leaving. I feel devastated!”...more
My 16 year old daughter recently disrespected me and my husband, who is not her biological dad, ...more

I Keep Picking Fights with My Teen Daughter

I am a single mom of two tweenage daughters. My oldest daughter will turn 15 at the end of the week. It’s not really a big deal. You know, as long as I don’t think about it. In a year, she’ll be 16, and driving. A blink of an eye she’ll turn 18 and graduate. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the fact that she won’t be mine forever. And it scares me, and pisses me off....more
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Many College Applications Due Tomorrow: Has the Process Been Frustrating for You and Yours?

I hate the college application process. It reminds me of that old song by Alanis Morrissette, “It’s like meeting the man of my dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife.”Isn’t it ironic? You hear about a school. If you’re lucky and can afford it, you visit the school. It seduces you with its ivy covered campus, shinny happy students, and doting professors. Sure it’ll costs somewhere upwards of a quarter of a million dollars to send him, but you’ll figure it out. It would be the perfect place to send your beloved, and of course brilliant, child. No doubt the school would be lucky to have him. Sadly, 40,000 (or 50,000 or even 75,000) other parents couldn’t agree more....more
Lisen, Just keep believing that the outcome will be the right one....it's the only way to ...more

The Monumental Task of Raising Authentic Sons

Heavy wears the crown of those raising authentic, charming, and well-mannered sons. I feel it. I feel the weight of responsibility not only to my son, and my family, but also my community, and society at large....more
I love this so much! I have two grown boys with grown up relationships, and two little boys at ...more