Where Do Moms of Teens Go?

I was looking around the internet the other day for a collaborative website (think Babble, or BlogHer) that includes A) Single moms, B) moms of teens C) Single moms of teens or any combination of the three. I mean, there are places for singles women, newly divorced/going through a divorce women, pregnant women, women with fertility issues, new mommies, mommies of newborns, multiples, toddlers, kids. But once our children near the end of their childhood and stand on the cusp of teenhood, all of sudden, us mothers are, well on our own....more
Trying to learn a little about emotional detachment parenting. My daughter is just turning 14 ...more

Eighth Grade Graduation: The American Coming-of-Age

Two dresses: one for the actual ceremony and one for the party after. Matching shoes, of course. Manicure, pedicure (OK, I couldn’t resist). Hair softly curled like Leighton Meester (of Gossip Girl fame). I even allowed her to wear make-up (shimmering pink lip gloss and iridescent eye shadow) for the first time. All this because my daughter was graduating from eighth grade. ...more

Rituals tend to become less meaningful when applied in a broad-brush fashion. The graduation ...more

Raising HIS Princesses

As I click around in blog land I’m noticing that I may be part of a very small group of bloggers. You see my girls are 16 and 18, and most of the ‘mommy blogs’ I read out there are all about little ones.. babies and toddlers. So where do I fit it? I’ve been praying about what kind of ‘niche’ I will have for my blog and the Lord keeps leading me to Titus 2:3-5...more

Tea Party Syndrome

My mom calls it the "Tea Party Syndrome." Where you've had a million tea parties with your kid, but all they remember is you never having tea parties with them... read more at Pajamas and Coffee....more

Should Moms Dress Like Their Teen-agers?

I once bought jeans at Limited, Too.  For myself! ...more

Help Your Teen Get a Job

(Be Brave is a website to encourageless fear and more courage! Takea look!) DoOneThingEverydayThatScaresYou.Eleanor Roosevelt ...more

Mothering Against the Odds: Live Well in Spite of Those Bad Statistics


My mother used to say, "An intelligent person sees what needs to be done and does it." I think ...more