Relationship Lessons In Kindergarten: Will You Be My Girlfriend?

Our sport fertility vehicle (mini van) serves as our thought bubble. At any moment it becomes a confessional, a counseling office, an advisory committee office, or an executive suite. Who knew that upon buying this minivan it would serve so many mental and emotional purposes for our family. ...more

Advice For My Teenage Daughter (I Wish Someone Had Given Me This List)

I have an amazing daughter. She is brilliantly smart, funny, and strong.  She is quick-witted and confident.  She got straight As her first semester of public high school, dazzling her teachers with her brainpower.  She's a brown belt in karate and a voracious reader.  Like I said, she is amazing. She is also frighteningly I freak out as her mother and kinda sorta want to lock her in a tower Rapunzel-style. ...more
Hello Thank you so much for writing this list! I am 20 and I have always wanted a mother figure ...more

Around the Table

The kitchen has always been a gathering place for my family for as long as I can remember.  The women in our family have probably spent over half of their lives in their kitchens and I am no different.  I spent countless hours conversing with my grandmother as she prepared meal after meal- three meals/day seven days/week and while she baked cakes and breads from scratch.  I also enjoyed listening to her sing while she worked in the kitchen.  Our family ate all of our meals at the kitchen table and, if someone had football practice or a meeting, we waited for them to get ...more

Go With The Flow

Once upon a time, I had an agenda every single day.  Without fail.  A lovely, strict schedule of what to do when.  It served me quite well and I enjoyed it.  I worked within its structured time slots with peace of mind and completed need-to-dos BECAUSE doing this left me with plenty of time for all those want-to-dos!  Every day of this self-imposed, agenda-run life served me quite well all the way through grad school.   And it continued serving me well until the day the first child arrived-a fact to whi...more
Pecked2DeathByChckns So glad you got some insight from this. My parents weren't nearly as ...more

Swimming Against the Stream

NaBloPoMo – January 7, 2014 Tuesday, January 7, 2014 Tell us about a time when you didn’t bend to peer pressure, and you swam against the stream.~~~~~~~~~~...more


While living in a nest full of four lovely daughters, I found many things to smile about throughout every day--I'm sure y'all smiled at the same things-...more

"Maybe it will be a boy"

Things I want my daughter to know ...more

A Letter to the Moms of Mean Girls

I’d like to say a few things to their mothers: Your daughters are watching you. They look to you as an example of how to be a woman, so when you stand around in packs in order to whisper, and gossip, and cut other women down, don’t think they don’t notice. Remember, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree....more
I have been around a lot of toxic people and seen far too much emotional bullying inflicted on ...more

I Have a Princess Issue

When I first learned that Miss was a girl, I was so excited. I had all sorts of thoughts about being a mom to a little girl. Things I wanted to teach her and show her. I remember some family members teasing that she would be "such a princess" and having a yucky gut reaction to that statement....more