Please Don't Man Bash in Front of My Sons

When consoling a female friend who just got stood up or got her heart trampled on my a man, how often do I say, "Men are pigs," "such a typical man," et cetera? How often do I refer to someone's husband as their "third child?" And how do my boys feel about it when they overhear it? We often forget that kids are little spies who are not ignoring the grownup conversation going on a few feet away from where they are playing. ...more
@whiskeywoman Me too. This is exactly why i stopped male bashing too. I met a wonderful man in ...more

As a Parent Sometimes I Practice Subliminal Feminism

In my house there is me (a woman), my husband (a man), and three sons (one practically a man, the other two on their way to being men). As the lone female it has fallen on me to make sure these men and men-to-be have some idea about women before I let them loose on the world.(Those who know me can stop laughing now. I DO TOO know how to be a girl.)...more
@theluckymom Yes, I love that, Lisha, I don't like to say our kids reflect us but they do carry ...more

Mother to Son

 Preparing for Civics Class today, I learned that August 28 is not only the day I met my second favorite guy, but the day that Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr marched on Washington D.C. and delivered one of the most memorable speeches in history....more

In This House, Boys Will Not Be Boys

I love my son’s hands.  I love to hold them/ kiss them/ help them trace letters.  His hands amaze me at the tender age of 3 writing Hs on his own then, minutes later, horrified me transforming Legos into a gun which he aimed at me and said “Pow, pow Mommy.”  He doesn’t know his cousin’s fibula will be shattered two days later due to a gunshot wound or a week later Chicago will register its 500th homicide.  He doesn’t know he will never meet his Uncle because he was shot five times in the back at close range or during my 6th month of pregnancy with h...more

Promises to My Son

The greatest compliment I ever received about being a mother came before Mr. Pants was ever born. I wrote about it here. It was  my brother telling me that it was a good thing that I was having a boy. This post is inspired by that and by the recent convictions of two teenage boys in Steubenville, Ohio. I started thinking about the lessons I want to teach my son. How can I guide him so that he is a good man?...more
@michelle213akron I agree that example speaks so much louder than any "teaching" ! Kids see ...more

Stuff Moms of Boys Say

In case you haven’t been on Facebook or checked your email in the past two years, I’ll let you in on a little secret: the “Sh*t [people] Say” videos are hilarious.Justin Halpern started this phenomenon way back in 2009 when he began a list of random pontifications made by his elderly father. His list grew into a website (and very short-lived tv show), the crudely entitled “Sh*t My Dad Says.”...more

Graduation Means New Beginnings; It also Means Endings, Too

It’s graduation week around town. We’re hearing lots of speeches about new beginnings, following your dreams, and choosing roads less traveled. Students are told repeatedly “it’s all ahead of you.” But for those of us with children in cap and gown, it’s not all about the future. For us, it’s also about the past....more
Mine just started college a month ago, and I'm the one that ended up homesick.  Missing those ...more

Raising boys - 10 things they don't tell you

I grew up in a family of three girls. My dad was good-natured about it, inviting us along to magical places like “the dumps” and the racetracks at Sears Point in Sonoma, CA (now Infineon). And he merely stepped over our Barbie shoebox hotels that lined the hallway. He got us into sports like soccer, took us for hikes in the hills, and taught us how to get back up when our horse bumped us off the saddle. We learned how to mow the lawn, muck out a barn, and pull out loose nails from the deck....more

Is the Art of Tying a Tie Lost?

I start my mornings off with a cup of coffee and Facebook. Last week as I read through everyone's morning posts, I catch a comical banter amongst some of the moms. It happens that this morning, many of us had sons that needed to dress up for an away, middle school (7th and 8th grade) basketball game. The coach requires slacks, button up shirts and ties for these away games....more

Prom: It's More Than Just a Dance

It’s prom season around our house. My seventeen-year-old son is a prom pro. He’s been to so many in the past few years, I don’t even need to give him the Prom Speech.  He knows the drill and I trust him. This year, however, his fifteen-year-old sister was invited to the prom. Funny how different my reaction was; I said, “No!”...more
Sometimes I think parents are entirely too quick to put their own issues on children. My prom ...more