Gold Medal Style: Olympic Looks Through the Ages

Ahhh, the Summer Olympics. Time to gather the family around the TV, pop open some fizzy drinks, and MAKE FUN OF ATHLETES' OUTFITS. Because that's what sports are really about, right? I mean, why else would The Lakers have worn hot pants when I was growing up? ...more
I really enjoyed the pictures and the fashion. We need to thank Roots for bringing Olympic ...more

Ralph Lauren Coffee Table Book

Hi there my lovely ladies!Tonights post is a dear coffee table book that I love and can't wait to share with you!The Ralph Lauren coffee table is crazy expensive. At $135 a pop, it is an investment and an investment it is!I don't own the book, my mother does, she has had it for years and for years I have always flipped through the enormous book's pages in awe. The pictures are beautiful.Come read exactly what I am talking about on my blog and check out a few of my pics! You might just fall in love with this book yourself!...more

Post #12, Ralph Lauren "Pink Polo" Charity

Hi Sweet Ladies!Hope you all are doing well!I am off of work today and thought I would post extra early.Todays post is about the Ralph Lauren "Pink Pony" collection. This collection uses 10% of the proceeds of each item sold to help the fight against breast cancer through the "Pink Pony Fund".The collection includes some classic polos, a t-shirt, candles, a throw and some other accessories.I have been curious about this collection for a long time and I had never heard anyone talk about it before. Therefore, I want to share it with all of you!...more

Curvy Girls In, Skinny Bitches Out

~~Haven’t you received the memo, Bucko? Curvy girls are In and Skinny Bitches are OUT.  Sort of what Heidi Kleim says in Project Runway:  “In fashion—one day you’re in and the next day you’re out.” Only she says it better with the German accent. Anyway, that’s neither here or there… ...more

~~~oh, Gisette,
you wouldn't believe the reaction I've received from this blog...and on my ...more

Its Summertime, be sure to wear high heels when you’re motorcycling in the mountains, LOLZ

High heels, golden pants, two belts, khaki shirt, Indiana Jones hat and classic motorcycle. Yep, a typical American woman heading off on summer vacay? Anywhoooooo, I’ll be driving a big SUV, with beach towels, boogie boards, and multiple kids! Like most American moms lucky enough to get some time away this summer. ...more

Ralph Lauren’s Olympic Games Apparel - good for business?

If you happen to have an extra $125.00 to spend on a polo shirt or $50.00 for a tee, or you’re one of those people who likes your apparel covered in logos and symbols, then by all means check out the Ralph Lauren Olympic Games Collection. ...more