3 Date Recipes for Ramadan

30 Recipes for Iftaar in this Ramadan


Love, Ramadan and 9/11

The President held a dinner at the White House last month in honor of Ramadan where he discussed the upcoming 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. This year, Ramadan is sandwiched between that anniversary and an epic moment in my personal life, my wedding. As I reflect on these important events, the connection between the two is strikingly obvious: they are both very American.Our wedding was big, fat, and Pakistani. I had six outfits for three days, my groom and I participated in rituals that left our faces yellow with turmeric, my friends performed a hip-hop/Hindi dance medley, and we served possibly the entire variety of South Asian food in the DC tri-state area. ...more

The night of a thousand months

Photo courtesy of VickyTH, Flickr From seconds to years to millennia, time is a fluid concept in Islam that I often puzzle over. During the final 10 days of Ramadan falls a night that the Quran describes as being ‘better th...more

Experiencing Ramadan

Ramadan is a very unique month, uniting families, friends and strangers in an experience that is both collective and personal. It is a colourful time of the year, as people hang fawanees (lanterns) from balconies and window sills at home, and decorative tents are set up across the city to capture the festive atmosphere....more

Ramadan: The Wealth of Charity

Ramadan starts next week, which means it is time for me to cleanse my pocketbook. No, I’m not planning to embark on any shopping sprees during the Islamic month of fasting. But I do intend to spend a lot more money than I would in other months of the year....more
Love hearing about the guidelines for giving, and especially your thoughts about money as a ...more

Fasting to feed the soul

Since Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, ended last year in September, I’ve tried to fast at least one time a week on Mondays or Thursdays. On these days, I will refrain from eating or drinking from the crack of dawn until sunset. In addition to performing regular prayers, I strive to be extra attentive of my emotions and how I react to annoyances that arise at work, in my personal life, or even while driving or shopping....more

Because You Asked Me About Ramadan...

Childhoods are funny things.  Even when we don't realize it's happening - and even if we can't look back and say that it was all roses - there are certain memories, etched on a soul with sunlight and laughter, that are ours alone to smile about all those years later.  For me, Ramadan is one of those times. Sure, fasting is and was hard.  But for me, it's something else too. A memory:...more

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