Ranching Has Gone to the Dogs

Ranching has gone to the dogs…10 Jul, 2014 at 7:39 am | Written by: Leah Peterson...more


Well we have finally begun.......haying is finally upon us.  We got the swathers finally.  We hire out our haying, our brothers work partner comes and does the swathing part. As far as actually baling our brother does the big round bales and our neighbor does the small square bales for us.  The round bales go to the ranch and the small squares we keep for ourselves, the ranch and my parents.   ...more


Last night went out to the farm to do some welding at the ranch.  Ranch life is similar I would expect to everything in life that has A.D.D. on a grand scale.  Not a funny situation, we have such a list of things to accomplish and everywhere you look something else catches your eye that needs done. We have to work around the weather for haying, spraying, seeding and the rest of the time we made up jobs.   The shop is always loaded with projects but you have to take and list the priorities.  ...more

Where do you stand on horse slaughter

Now I know this is a VERY controversial topic....more

Good Ol Fashioned meatloaf, with a twist!

HELLO!!!!! I know, I know, its been a really long time! There's been a whole lot of doing the exact same thing every day here on the ranch and on top of that, the Holidays! But, I'm back. And I promise I'll do my best to never leave you that long again... Pinkie Swear....more

Heavy Veggie Chili

 Don't worry!! There's beef in here! Fwew, ok, I thought I'd get that on the table because I wouldn't want you to think I was going all soft on you with two vegetarian meals in a row.  Now that we're all friends again, I'm still working on finding ways to utilize/hide eggplant in all my meals so this was a no brainer. ...more

A is for Antibiotics

 The great part about my city job, (besides a reason to get out of my dirty jeans and boots and put on a little makeup) is that I get to educate the less informed about what we do daily. Just the other day I had a resident come in to my office, plop down and tell me that he'd be interested in buying a "cow" but only if "he" was completely grass fed with no antibiotics or hormones "stuffed" into him.  Hmmm.... how do I address the many things wrong with that statement...more

Better than Church

It's Sunday morning at Wild Type Ranch.  We returned late last night from 2 days at an Angus cattle sale in Fredericksburg, TX.  Everyone else is having a well-deserved lie-in, but I've already gotten too used to the summer early rising schedule to sleep in.  [Between needing to leave early for farmer's markets twice a week and the need to get out and work before it gets hot here in Texas, our summer schedule typically starts at dawn and involves a mid-day shower and siesta].  ...more

The growing disconnect between consumers and farmers

One of the meta-issues that impacts my life in a surprisingly large number of ways is the growing disconnect between food consumers and food producers.  As a producer, my business is affected by the views and beliefs of politicians, activist groups and consumers; the vast majority of whom don't have a realistic idea of what life is like for a typical American farmer or rancher.  ...more

Hooray for women farmers and ranchers!

My partner-in-blogging, Suzanne, wrote a nice piece over at Down To Earth Blog about last Sunday's NY Times Sunday Magazine. According to the piece, even though the number of farms has decreased, there are 80 percent more women farmers today than there were 20 years ago in the United States. In the Northeast alone, women run some 20,000 farms. ...more