Things That Made Me Go, "Hmm..." - Week 33

So, last week I skipped my regularly scheduled post because I was busy whining and wallowing in self-pity. But now that I’m back to being awesome, here’s what made me go, “Hmm…” these past two weeks....more

Random Facts

Today my head is swimming and I'm having a hard time grasping any specific thoughts. So I'm going to give you random ones. (And yes, I'm still struggling with pain). ...more

random things i'm thankful for

In the past few weeks we've been doing a lot of yardwork, including trimming and pruning trees and bushes (including taking out a huge gnarled rosebush). That meant a TON of garbage (approximately 12 garbage bags ugh)....more


There are many things I can say about people, but not just people, friends. How can someone be such a good friend & turn to nothing in the next day? I know I've lost alot of 'friends' just by having kids (i know, sad), but those I have made friends with, especially those who have kids, just decided to up & leave. One of them I became good friends with just over these blogs. We related to alot of things and started talking and became real close. All of a sudden, she just deleted me off facebook and wasn't my friend anymore....more

Google Saved My Life

I just had a terrible scare. I decided that I didn't need two gmail accounts so I decided to delete one. Well I guess it was the primary one that I deleted. I clicked on Blogger to go to my blogs and they were gone. My heart sunk to the floor. A strange feeling of deep despair came over me. I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack. I tried to calm down and think. I kept trying to navigate through Google help and Blogger help but was getting confused. I kept thinking "I need to speak to a real person, got to talk to someone." I guess I was showing my age. ...more

Food, Photos and Fun

My first camera was a polaroid that my mom gave me. It was pink and grey and I loved it! I would take scissors and do a design around the image as it developed. I remember the fun of fanning it around watching it develop. The next camera was a disc camera, it was a lot of fun because it was small and I could take it everywhere with me, but hated waiting to get the pictures back when we dropped off the disc to get it developed. I went through a lot of point and shoot digital cameras before I finally got a Cannon SLR. My oldest one is 6 years old now and my newest one is just now a year....more

More Hairbrained Musings-- the Halloween Edition (16)

More moments and musings from a never-idle mind......more

11.1 ~ OK, Call it a Comeback

Oh, hi! Come on in. So nice to see you again. How've you been? I'm so glad you stopped by.Pardon the dust and spiderwebs - remnants of yesterday's Halloween celebration.Liar, liar! Pants on fire....more

More Hairbrained Musings (15)

Another collection of moments and musings.  (Some of you may have noticed this is no longer a weekly post.  You may have also noticed my other posts are less frequent, too-- I didn't want my Musings to overtake my blog, so they will just begin to happen when they happen, but I doubt they will ever go completely away.  It'swaaay too fun to vent!)...more