Share Random Acts of Kindness Today. Make Someone’s Day. Be A Blessing!

Random acts of kindness go a long way. You can make a difference in someone’s life today. Share kind random acts with others. Do it in love. Be a blessing to someone.Let your posture represent God. Let it express what’s in your heart. Count your blessings. Keep your head up. Walk proud. No matter what it looks like in your life, thank God. ...more

Lamborghini Dealer Gives 7-year-old a 700-Horsepower Birthday Gift

Here’s a story that shows how a simple act of kindness made a little boy’s dream come true when a Los Angeles Lamborghini dealer showed up a at a kid’s birthday party with a parade of Lamborghini’s and even gave the birthday boy a ri...more

Gratitude: letters to Nana.

Letter writers!Letter writers!  The first week of February Is nearly done.I have seven letters...more