Occasionally I like to share with you things I have snapped on my cell phone or have been sent to me by friends and family!  Just “stuff” I find interesting.Inspirations, ideas, a face that might tell a story…Today is one of those days…What stories will you see in my little bits of “stuff ” today?Do tell!...more

Random thoughts on the day after Thanksgiving...

'Twas the day after Thanksgiving, and all through the house, not a creature is stirring. Except me and my cat. I did get up early, but I did not head to the mall.  I made my husband's lunch and shooed him out the door to work. Lovingly. I got a shower -- finally, as I never managed one yesterday -- and then shopped online. As I sit at my computer next to our R2D2-like kerosene heater (yeah, we are classy like that), I am enjoying a final cup of coffee and eating a flour-dusted potato roll with slices of ham and mayo -- while pretending I am eating a powdered doughnut....more

Complete Randomness

A few thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head lately...1.  There is no such thing as "boneless" chicken wings.  They are the exact same chicken nuggets your kids and grandkids are eating.  You can call them any fancy name you want...but they are still chicken nuggets.  Own it....more

Odd and Curious Thoughts of the Week


Random Things Better Left Unsaid

Intelligence breeds insanity.  At least, that's what they say.  Or what they've proved.  Whatever.  It doesn't matter anyway.  Crazy, smart, sane, stupid; you are what you are.Am I the only one who can't stand dry wind?  'Cause I hate that f*cking stuff.  Whoosh.  Go to hell, wind.  Come back when you have some rain....more

Farewell February

Random thoughts at the end of my favorite month....more

CAN you teach an OLD dog new tricks?

CAN you teach an old dog new tricks?   I'm in the process of taking a workshop - advice on relationships, healing old wounds, and being independen...more

Bird Messenger From the Gods

First some facts.In September, while running, I saw a bald eagle carrying a snake....more
@Jane Miller Yes! You should have! And I`m looking in my crystal ball and I see Boca for our ...more

Thanks, Man

Whenever I think about the path of my life, it always seems to me that either there is some kind of overarching plan (providence or fate or what you will) or I've just been very lucky, or, and most likely, both....more

The Virtue of Shopping

This week I had the pleasure of an extended visit from my mom, which meant multiple and lengthy sessions of retail therapy.  My mom loves to shop.  You think you understand what I mean by this but you don't....more