Today was a good day

     Not taking Ice Cube's song but yes today was 100 percent more productive than yesterday. I got Maly's room done, I applied for more jobs and got one!!! I was able to chilax a bit and I got the family room done.I enjoyed the day, that is not a great thing because everyday that I have breath should be celebrated, but today I feel accomplished, its not alot but its something....more

My Little Golem: Build-A-Bear is Magic

Author's note: I appologize for the delay, but I have edited this work so that it does not have the initial, abrupt ending. My apollogies for not posting the edited work first. Much love- Sam...more

Simple Words of Wisdom

After suffering a significant number of headaches in addition to acute flare ups of Fibromyalgia symptoms the past few weeks, today is the first day in a long time I’ve managed to collect my thoughts with a few random sayings and feel well enough to transfer a few words of wisdom from my head to the place you are now reading in order to create a post. Each saying is not in any particular order and came off the top of my head. Thought I’d share before I lay down my head. Enjoy! ...more