10 Creative Ways to Give Back to Others This Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time of year, especially when you have children. It’s so much fun to celebrate the holiday through their eyes and experience the magic of Christmas as a child yourself all over again. Having said this, I also think with all our joyful celebrations, we can easily lose sight of the true meaning of the holiday season. ...more
This is a great list! I would also add, "Let someone who seems frazzled (or is shopping with ...more

Christmas Random Acts of Kindness

One thing I love about the Christmas season is how much warmer, kinder and a little more giving most people are to those around them.  There are also many people, however,  who find the holidays to be straining compared to the rest of the year....more

Random Acts of Helpfulness: Honda Guys Handing out Ice Cream and More

The Helpful Honda Guys in their iconic blue shirts will be stopping at various community activities, parks, sporting events, and concerts this summer; their random acts of kindness continue as they show up in random locations in S...more

Ah, The Humanity! 7 Recent Random Acts of Kindness

I love humans. I love kindness. I absolutely love reading about the great things we’re doing with our spare time that doesn’t involve lying, cheating, stealing, or any combination of the three. It hurts my heart to hear all the stories of people creating scenarios entirely in their heads and then contacting the media and duping them in on their little schemes just to garner sympathy and money. It hurts my heart more to know that people just throw money at those tricksters....more

Give me a chance to succeed

All I want is a chance to succeed.  I don't want a handout.  I don't want the government to pay my bills.  I don't want to live off anyone else.  I just want a chance to succeed, a hand up, a real chance to rise above the challenges I was born into. My last name is Rockefeller.  But I am not descended of the robber baron who "earned" his millions by exploiting everyday Americans.  Everyday I hear jokes about my last name -- even former Governor David Patterson made that crack about Rockefellers and money when I met him in 2011....more