Tortoise and the Hare

Today started out like any other Monday morning. I was cleaning up the house and went out to the garage to throw out some trash. Much to my surprise, I opened the door and there was a huge tortoise looking up at me!! I've lived in Arizona for almost 8 years now and have never even seen a tortoise (except for in the zoo). It was so cool to see up close and I couldn't believe was how fast he moved! He got half way down our street before I could get outside to take some pictures. We followed him around for a while and Odette was so intrigued by this little guy....more

Mid-Week Happenings

Complete randomness.Sometimes I wish that some weeks were 3 days or 11 days or 6 days on the calender. Just for a little variety.Do you ever look at the calender and say, "Oh, it's Wednesday again. It seems like it was just Wednesday a few days ago"? I seem to do that far too much. Not good because lately it seems to be out of monotony. Not that sameness is bad because at least I know what's coming but change is good as well....more

Rubber Pellet Gun-- A Fantasy

 Some days my kids-- and possibly your kids, too-- make me crazy.  We all have those days when our tolerance for all things b.s....more

Aw Shucks, People Think I'm Great!

Guess what, y'all!  I've been nominated for some more bloggy love awards. Before I go any further, though, I want to apologize to those that have nominated me for so taking so long to respond to these honors.  I am so flattered that you love me enough to send me this accolade!  You have truly made my day!  I have had so much going on this summer, however, that these kept piling up, unanswered-- but I am making that right this very second....more
Of course people like you! Congratulations on the awards!more

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.

This month for NaBloPoMo the theme was "Gifts". Yes, I know that's such. old. news. The thing is, obviously, I haven't been following the prompts, in fact, I haven't even gone once to see what the prompt of the day was. I can't decide whether that's good, or bad. ...more Thanks for reading, Robin! I'm truly flattered! Have a wonderful afternoon! ...more

Day 5: No Prompt In Sight #NaBloPoMo

Since we were given no "official" writing prompt for today, you will get complete an total randomness from me....more
@victorias_view Those are good! Thanks!more

The Freak Accident

 Freak accidents always catch us off guard. We can’t even picture the weird things that can happen.  The ones we can imagine, we try not to think about....more

I wish I could say...

I have been thinking of topics to write about for a long while, but nothing is coming to me. I am groping for words to keep myself afloat in the blog world! My English skills have been going from bad to worse mostly because I haven't read many good books lately, also the use of the language has been dwindling. ...more

Random Thoughts Edition: Monday