Money vs. Time With Your Kids

That thing that's going around on social media with the pretty picture and the quaint saying about how spending time with your children is more important than spending money on your children - COME ON. ...more

Shop With Me

A whole bunch of really exciting crap has been going on around here. We survived the holidays (all of them), my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, my little weirdo had another birthday, and we have all been-knock on wood-pretty healthy. But today I feel the need to enjoy a little ranting. So lets go shopping. I do almost all, who are we kidding, the shopping for our household. I enjoy most of it. For the most part. There are only a few things I don’t enjoy, the top of that list being other people....more

When Celebs Start Hawking Everything

     How much influence do some people think they have?  Why should fame automatically translate into your endorsement on products outside of your expertise knowledge?  How clueless have we turned American consumers into that people will simply buy a product because there's a familiar smiling face on it?...more

Rant & Jumbo Squid

This post was prompted by a FB page (animal related) and some pictures that were posted of unusual looking animals. It bothered me because many people including the owner of the page started scolding those of us who did not find these particular animals "adorable". They also stated that if we didn't like all animals we could leave the page. I'm still debating this.My original FB post-...more

Rant of the Day

You know what will make me really happy? I mean, really, REALLY, head-over-heels ecstatic? ...more

for want of a baby shower.

i want a baby shower.desperatly. i'm ready to beg on my knee's here. i would throw one for myself....but i have no one to invite....more

Women and YA Fiction - WTH?

What is the deal with grown adult women reading and becoming obsessed with Young Adult fiction? First it was Harry Potter. Then Twilight. Now Hunger Games. Ladies, did you know that there are entire branches of literature that are not geared toward teenagers? ...more
I think that if you're the mom of a child who is reading enthusiastically on his/her own, you ...more

The Top Three

I was reading an article on fashion trends and there are three trends right now that I absolutely do not understand.  So here's my little rant on what they are and why I hate them!1.  Pajama Pants.  Unless you're running out in to the front yard for no more than 3 seconds to grab the newspaper...DON'T DO IT!!  You don't look look like you were too lazy to even get dressed before you left the house. ...more
I am with you on #1 and #3 but black nail polish is FUN. So is brown. And green. And purple and ...more

I got nothin'

I'd say that today had been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, but that would turn it into something cute and really, there was nothing whatsoever that was cute about today. Except maybe my darling Spidercat. She's always pretty cute. ...more

My Very First Rant (on my blog anyways): "Hey, are you ok?"

I will make this one short and sweet.  I don't mean to offend anyone, especially those who have shown me nothing but support, but I feel like this is something that needs to be said.  Please stop asking me every two minutes if I'm okay! I may be exaggerating a bit, but you get the idea....more