What Do You Mean I'm "Spoiling" My Child?

You know what really grinds my gears? The seven words I'm willing to bet every mother has heard at some point or another: You are going to spoil that child. ...more
I had to come over here and read your post when I read your title (in BlogHer).  I'm ...more

Perps Don't Date Pervs, so Get Over It

I just read an article  about female teachers caught having sex with students, which you can read here. It was not condoning nor attacking these women, jsut commenting on how attractive they were.  I went on to read some of the comments.  I actually had to stop reading the comments because they sickened me. ...more

Crosspost: What not to say to a parent of...

All over the blogosphere, posts are popping up about “what not to say to a parent of” a gay child, an autistic child, a chubby child, a child with a disability, a biracial child…you get the gist....more

Diet Suicide Victim

I’m participating in a biggest looser contest at my job where the winner takes home a $120 pot of money. That’s not really why I’m dieting, I’m always trying to lose weight, the money is just a nice incentive. But this afternoon, after my 280-calorie healthy choice lunch, I got the hankering for smoothing sweet (nothing new)....more

Work Sucks (I Know)

 As an advanced warning, today’s post is going to be a moan about work. I really need to get all of this out of my system. I posted before about how I had returned to work, but in an entirely new job. I spoke about how I was afraid to start a new job – primarily because nobody would know me. Nobody would know my story, nobody would understand why I might have bad days, nobody would understand why I might not be performing to my full potential. ...more

When Facebookers Attack

There was a photo going around Facebook last week of a mother posing with her four children presumably on the first day of school. The mom was jumping for joy in the air; the four backpack-clad kids were scowling (except for one, who was clearly trying not to laugh.)The photo was "liked" and shared as though it were the cure for cancer....more
 @Darcie Thank you Darcie. BANG BANG! more

Knowing Nothing About Parenting, Yet Seeing More Than The Average Parent

Since I became a nanny, I not only get a lot of people asking me questions about children and the care of children. I also get a lot of people sneering at me about how I know nothing about what it is to be a parent, and how dare I try to advise on anything to do with children and child-raising. This doesn’t just apply to being a nanny, either. This applies to being a childless person in general.Well. (And here I pause, crack my knuckles, and sigh. Well.)...more

The so-called Mommy Wars (or, what I learned from watching the X-Files)

If you are a person living in the world who has children, knows people who have children, or has ever spent any time on the internet, you’ve probably realized that people like to debate various parenting ideologies....more

RANT: An Open Monologue to My Kid

Hi. Hope you are having a fantastic time with your Grammy and all. I really do. I know that getting to see all the multitudinous cousins and etc. on your Dad's side of the family is super-fun. Plus, you’re getting your travel on, which is always exciting. However, I’d like to point something out to you. ...more
@Denise No worries. I ranted a bit, too. She's back home - and we have had The Talk v. ...more