Random Acts of Christmas Kindness Advent Calendar - RACK Printables, Cover Photos, and Links

 This year for our advent calendar I wanted to incorporate random acts of kindness. In the past I have assigned tasks to specific days, but it seems like often that task is not best suited for that day. I have decided this year to make a paper chain Christmas countdown to help the littles visualize the oncoming holiday. I will also fill a mason jar with folded slips of paper that will include both ideas for random acts of Christmas kindness, as well as fun ways to enjoy the holidays and each other. We will pick a slip each day, and if that slip does not work for that day we will put it back and pick another. On the weekend we will pick several ideas and do an act of kindness day, grouping similar things like a trip to the shopping mall. We will spend our December weekends enjoying each other's company, doing crafts and baking, and helping others in small ways....more

Our Family Resolution: A Year of Kindness

Last year, my New Year's resolution was to "Love out Loud" which was inspired by a Joyce Meyer book of the same name. I thought it was a good resolution, and it is. But definitely difficult to measure and I don't think I've been as successful as I had hoped. My intent was to really let the important people in my life know that they are loved. To be loud and carefree and always ready with words of love and kindness for my family and friends. Like with most resolutions, life often gets in the way of those intentions and so I think I have failed my own test....more

NaBloPomo Day 8: A Month Of Kindness

NaBloPoMo Excerpt from A Month of Kindness November 8, 2011 ...Part of the reason I was attracted to doing this again (and I hope CodeName: Mama will repeat hers in March, as well) was ...more

Meaningful Mondays Week 3! Join in!

New Blog post on VivoBello!: Meaningful Monday Week 3 @ http://www.vivobello.com/2010/08/22/meaningful-monday-week-3/ Come link up!...more

Random Act of Kindness Blog Hop -Every Monday

I've started a blog hop on Mondays called Meaningful Mondays with the hopes that everyone will link up and post a random act of kindness they've done that week or a post about something they've seen that involved a RAOK.We can change the world by being kinder, one person at a time. And who doesn't want to start their week out with feel good stories?Help me do this!www.vivobello.com...more