The Time Two Guys Tried to Switch During Sex

 A friend of mine told me a horrifying story last week that put many of my bad dates to shame. Every time I thought my jaw couldn’t drop any further, a new detail shocked me again.Back in freshman year of college, Ellie, a really pretty, petite girl, had her eye on a hot junior, John, who lived down the hall in her co-ed dorm. The two started making out at a party in his room, and before she knew it, everyone was gone and it was just the two of them. Things got hot and heavy, and they ended up naked on his bed with the lights off. That’s when he got up to get a condom.When he got back on top of her with the condom, she opened her eyes to a terrifying sight — the naked guy sitting on her WAS NOT JOHN. ...more
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What's In A Name?: The Recompense of #IAmJada

The fact that Jada chose to reclaim her name after such public disrespect and degradation is extraordinary. The 16-year-old girl from Texas woke up after attending a party and found pictures of herself  unconscious and naked online, believes she was raped, after being given a spiked drink. If all this wasn't bad enough the pictures of her body were being ridiculed under the hashtag #Jadapose....more
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#RealMenWait4Yes, Because They Know They Are Worthy of It

Rape is when a woman’s right to refuse sex is taken away from her.Rape is when a woman must pay for her survival with her body.Rape is when sex is taken whether or not a woman is physically or mentally capable of giving her consent.Rape is when intimidation is used to compel a woman to engage in sex when she would refuse if she were in an environment where she could otherwise do so safely....more

#YesAllWomen: Abortion, Rape and Why Shame Can't Keep Us Silent

Thank God I didn't ... Just Drive ..... ...more
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Not again! Another victim blamed for being raped

Usually my writing involves lighter and more enjoyable topics than sexual assault.  Forgive me if it is not something you want to think about.  I don’t really either, but sometimes if we are trying to make the most of all of our moments, we have to take a stand.To be honest, I had never really given much thought to the rape culture in our society until this summer, when I read and wrote about some controversial decisions and statements by a Montana judge regarding a rape victim.  Now another judge’s comments have me riled up again....more

Rape is rape, why the confusion? Or, how a Dallas County Judge muddied the waters about rape again.

When I read about the story of a Dallas County judge’s light-tap-on-the-wrist handling of a confessed rapist, because the 14 year old victim wasn’t a virgin and had apparently given birth prior to the rape (discussion, <here>, I threw up a little in my mouth....more

Part 6, the Juicy stuff

Hello again readers!  Here is the next portion of my book. In this section is were I start revealing some traumatizing information from my history. Please read and let me know what you think. Any thoughts, opinions, support, and comments are welcome. Please feel free to let me know your story as well. Enjoy!!! ...more

Sexual Assault AWARENESS Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and I want to do my bit by helping spread the word about some rape/sexual assault issues that everyone needs to know. For one thing, we have a fucking epidemic of guys not knowing they have raped someone....more
Good post. The more women speak out this month, the better. The statistics are horrendous. ...more

Ohio Allows Rapists to Sue Victims for Custody of the Child: Does Your State?

Today three Ohio State University students took 60,000 signatures to the office of State Senator John Eklund (R) in hopes that he will help push forward the stalled bill. The signatures come from people who don't want rapists to be able to sue their victims for custody or visitation of a child conceived via that rape. Think about that for a second. In 31 states, a rapist can sue the victim for custody and visitation of a resulting child. In 31 states, rape survivors can be forever tethered to their rapists. Forever. Ohio citizens and lawmakers want to see that change....more
Yeah, and that creep who attempted to murder his son by burning him to death later sued for ...more

Mommy? What Is Raping?

tippity tap tap tap *pause* tippity tap tap tapSo went the sounds of me Facebooking, hunched over the laptop while awkwardly standing up, one foot through the doorway and in to the kitchen so that I felt that I was successfully multi-tasking. And then came these words:"Mom? What's raping?"...more
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