Let's Get Real About Date Rape

I think I've told a total of 3 people in my lifetime about my experience with date-rape. It took me years after the fact to even acknowledge out loud that I had been a victim of it....more
"The guy who I was dating, who was passed out in the living room, would likely have gotten ...more

Rape Fantasies After a Sexual Assault?!

I was 17. It was summer -  I remember the sound of the cicadas. I remember a feeling of desperate panic, and a very sudden realization that there was absolutely nothing I could do.His penis didn't enter my vagina, so it wasn't called rape.  It was called an "unfortunate situation", and a few people whispered about underage drinking and its unintended consequences....more
pddotnet EXACTLY! I felt so... wrong. Ashamed. How could I really have been traumatized if I had ...more

Hollywood's Love Affairs with Rape Scenes: Why Do Good Writers Screw Us with Rape Scenes?

This past weekend, I saw two great films, and I witnessed two quick rape scenarios in a row. “I saw it in the movies” as they say. How can these incredible script writers, who managed to write such wonderful stories, be so off-point when it comes to rape?...more

Campus Culture is Not a Rape Defense

Sexual Assault Prevention Ribbon...more

India has a rape problem but so does the rest of the world.

I have traveled extensively throughout India and I have plans to go back this spring to complete a training program....more

What Exactly Is a Rape-Free Hour?

December 5th, Mumbai 2014. The city looks the same. The sea from my hotel room at Taj Lands End looked calm. It’s been more than two years, and I was looking forward to meet my besties. Three of us friends were going to meet over drinks at a popular bandra bar. We decided to drive ourselves to the said destination and cap our evening by 9 p.m. I took stock of the city’s situation after the recent numerous assaults, and considered activating the rape safety valve. There were new rules this time that i needed to be aware of....more

I believe you.

The news is making me sick. Bill Cosby, UVA, Ann Coulter. I’m nauseous. It’s hard enough reading about the horrors that individuals endured. It’s even worse reading about the people who shame them, doubt them, blame them.So I just needed to say:I believe you.To those of you who have bravely spoken up and weren’t believed, and those of you who haven’t spoken up for fear of blame and doubt: I believe you.To those of you who don’t perfectly remember all of the details: I believe you.To the ones who were drinking: I believe you....more

Stop Calling Rape Victims 'Accusers'

The media needs to stop calling victims of rape and sexual assault "accusers''. It implies that there is no victim, but rather a shrill, angry, mean accuser who is victimizing the rapist. It is not done with any other crime. If you are robbed, killed, kidnapped or pick pocketed - you are a victim. Why is a rape victim an accuser? Why is the universally accepted legal language changed? In fact, it is the people of a state that accuses the defendant on behalf of the victim....more
No. As ugly a crime as rape is, in the United States the accused is innocent until proven ...more

Rape. Let me break it down...

Imagine that I am a millionaire and you are not. One day we are out shopping and I don't have any cash or cards on me, so I ask you to give me £100 until later. You say no for whatever reason you want to imagine. I get angry that you refused my request, I am a millionaire after all! I could buy the whole damn shop if I wanted to! To punish you for saying no, I take your money. Financially I don't need it, but I'm teaching you a lesson for saying no - because I can. Besides, who would believe you, a pauper over me, a millionaire....more