An Open Letter To The Mother of Brock Turner

I'm not blaming you. I am simply asking you to guide you son on a better path....more
Mamademics larkindesign Yes, thank you. I found the letter she wrote as well, and the other ...more

The War on Women: My Reaction to Brock Turner

Every day for the past four days I have been assaulted with stories about the Brock Turner case. The original story citing the judge’s appallingly lenient sentence. The powerful, indelible words of his victim....more

Bill Cosby: Rapist

When Andrea Constand filed a civil suit in March 2005 against Bill Cosby for sexually assaulting her, her “lawyers said they found 13 Jane Doe witnesses with similar stories.” Because Constand's suit was settled in November 2006 the Jane Does didn’t have a chance to speak in court, but that is more than a dozen women who said Bill Cosby raped them, too....more

This is Rape Culture

Screen Shot: Wikipedia...more
JennWFox thanks so much for the RT and sharing this! :)more

The "Roast Buster" Rapists Got Away With Rape

The criminal investigation of the teenaged gang rapists from New Zealand known as the Roast Busters, “a group of young men in West Auckland who picked up girls (most of whom were underage, some as young as 13), gave them alcohol, and gang raped them, only to brag about it on social media” has closed without pressing a single charge against any of the admitted...more
frankpjacksonnz It is the norm over much of the globe, I'm afraid. :(more

Jian Ghomeshi Is Fired Because He Says A Woman Lied About Him: An Example of Rape Culture?

Canadian radio generally isn’t a big thing in other parts of the world, but here in Toronto, former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi is kind of a big deal. He’s well known and well liked, for his views, for his interviews, and for his personality. Today, a decision came down from CBC firing Ghomeshi after he had tweeted that he was going to take some personal time off. The decision appeared to come out of nowhere, and I for one was a bit shocked....more
Anyway, those are some of my thoughts.more

When We Talk About Rape Culture

When we talk about rape culture, we are talking about the pervasive belief that women deserve to be raped by simply existing in the world. Find that too strong of a definition?...more, I believe you've hit the nail right on the head with ...more

Keep Digging, Paula Muran

You would think she would give up and just apologize to Panayiotab for trying to rape-shame her, wouldn’t you? Nope. Not Paula Muran. Instead she went on the “my words did not mean what you think they mean” defense. ...more

The Feminization of Bowe Bergdahl

Bergdahl was not a run-of-the-mill “deserter”. It turns out that Bowe Bergdahl was discharged from the Coast Guard because of questions about his mental fitness for military service, but was accepted into the Army in 2008 anyway....more