No Age Limits on Rape Culture

As y’all know, I have some issues with rape culture – and by issues I mean a rage that spans the globe and burns hotter than a million suns. Usually when I am ranting about victim blaming and age, I am shitting verbal fire at the slut shaming of little kids. The only thing I hate more than rape culture is when it is aimed at young children. That’s when the million suns of my rage go Vex Nova....more

When a Not-So-Small Town is Struck: Rape Culture

I’m trying to articulate my thoughts.  They are jumbled, scattered, yet so, so clear in my mind.  It’s the words that aren’t coming together right.  Like a jigsaw puzzle, I am turning each piece over, observing its defining characteristics, and hunting down its precise place....more
Excellent and thought provoking article. Kudos to you for standing up and protesting this. Be ...more

Anti rape underwear? No, I won’t keep my vagina under a lock

AR Wear’s Indiegogo campaign has raised $52,442 USD. While the campaign and the idea of such a product has touched on the nerves of many feminists, the 2172 funders of the campaign are nothing short of excited and grateful at the prospect of an anti-rape underwear....more

High Tech Panties Won't Stop Rape

There is currently an Indiegogo campaign created by AR Wear for a line that they call Anti-Rape Clothing. These garments, which include a pair of boy-cut brief-style panties, running shorts, leggings and “travelling shorts,” are allegedly designed and built to be unremovable except by the owner, who has some sort of key to release the locking mechanism on the waistband. Basically they act as a chastity belt, although of course we are not supposed to think of them as chastity belts....more
herdailywhat is wrong with a chastity belt, if the person wearing it is also the person with the ...more

Kimberly Hall wants you to stop making her baby boys have naughty thoughts

A post written by Kimberly Hall, the Director of Women’s ministry at All Saints PCA in Texas, has recently gone viral. It is everything I could ever dislike about a post wrapped in the bacon of blind hypocrisy....more

Five Year Old Indian Girl Kidnapped, Sexually Assaulted and Left For Dead

Trigger warning for rape, sexual assault, abduction, torture and murder.A reader from India asked me to blog about this at the end of last week. At the time, I told her that I was feeling burned out, but promised to write about it on Monday or Tuesday. I’ve been procrastinating, though. As much as I know that this is something that’s important to talk about, I’ve had a hard time bringing myself to read about it, let alone write about it.But I promised that I would. And it’s important. So let’s do this....more

Are Women Really Celebrated?

Are Women Really Celebrated?          Women's day on March 8th, another special day to appreciate women for all the roles they take in our lives, a day to express gratitude for their sacrifices made to shape our lives and a day to acknowledge the abilities and achievements of womenfolk! But are they standing tall in all societies around the globe?...more

The Rape and Death of 17-Year-Old Rehtaeh Parsons

The story is disturbingly familiar. A teenage girl goes to some kind of get-together, maybe a party. She is raped by multiple assailants. The rape is photographed and distributed via social media. The girl is subjected to horrifying acts of bullying and shaming. She is branded a slut. Her life becomes a living hell. ...more
Rehtaeh's story  is very similar to the story of Carolina, 14, a italian girl that the january ...more

Modern Sexism

The problem is subtlety. The problem is "how far we've come." The problem is enlightenment. The problem is a society that congratulates itself on the freedom and equality all face when compared to how it was, when compared to where it is elsewhere. This is the problem....more