Rape Prevention on Campus

On February 1, 2012 diverse actions took place in nearly every university and college community across Canada for the National Day of Action.  As a member of the FemRev Collective I had an opportunity to speak at the University of Manitoba, voicing the issue of campus safety.  This is what I had to say.  ...more

Rape "Prevention"

Back in November 2008, Amanda Hess at The Sexist, a Washington City Paper blog, addressed a male blogger who wrote a "brilliant" treatise called, “Advice 4 Women: How to NOT Get a ‘Deserved Raping.’" As Amanda (and all the people who left comments on her post) already addressed the troubling aspects of this "helpful" advice, I'll not got over it again. However, I thought about the idea of how to avoid being raped (whether "deserved" or not), and I realized there is only one sure way to do so: ...more

And the preventative measures, even if they aren't guarantees by any
means, still ...more