Rape Culture at the Department of Veterans' Affairs

Survivors of rape should not have to hear rape jokes at medical facilities that treats rape survivors. But they do. What is the Department of Veterans’ Affairs doing to combat its rape culture?   Image Credit: Bob Shepard via Flickr ...more
As executive director, how much power/influence do you have over things like this in practice?more


I recently wrote an article about something that happened to me 16 years ago.  I was raped.  Sexually assaulted.  Molested.  There are so many words to describe what happened to me that night.  I had been drinking, and drunkenly went to the hotel room of an NHL referee, where he prevented me from leaving and forced himself on me, ignoring my attempts to stop him.  It has been republished on Huffington Post and in Australia on Mamamia....more

In case you haven't heard a Oklahoma teen boy bragged about raping someone and no one is doing anything about it

The teenage boy in question is named Tristen Cole Killman. From the reports on other blogging sites, this is basically what happened. Tristen Cole Killman has allgedly raped 3 girls at Norman High School in Oklahoma. Since this issue has been taken to social media, these girls have since been bullied by classmates and even have been kicked out of school....more
Has there been an update to this story? We are just moving to this area and this is concerning!more

The Necessary Silence of A Nice Guy's Victim

It had been just over three months since the day my ex had disappeared from our home, choosing to hide at his parents house, telling me about his infidelity via MSN Messenger. I wasn’t surprised by the confession; I had suspected that something was up for the last six months, but because of the abusive nature of our relationship, I didn’t dare make such an accusation. When I later told people about his confession, and the medium he used, most were stunned, and offended for me. For some reason, it’d never registered with me that I should be angry at the way he chose to confess his sins....more

Betty Fokker Versus the Misogynistic Twatwaffle

Okay, someone posted about Bill Cosby on Facebook, after which several other people and I wound up trying – using small words – to explain to a class act going by the moniker Viktor Spoilz the facts of the case. Poor Viktor didn’t seem to grasp the essentials and kept shrieking about “where were they before” (in the news, just no one bothered reporting it) and “why didn’t they do something then” (some of them tried but *surprise* were ignored or disbelieved). When facts weren’t going his way, he started name calling. ...more

Review of Magick & Moonlight

I'm over at The Romance Review again. Check it out :)...more

Coming of age in a rape culture

I am departing from my usual posting style to dive into the fray of all women.I will give three examples from my own life to demonstrate what girls and women deal with.1. I spend most of my 8th grade English class being harassed by a boy who, thanks to the luck of the alphabet, sat next to me in the back of the room. Pretty much every day, he would show me his penis, try to get me to touch it, rub his foot on my butt, tell me the state of his erection, and tell me he was going to follow me and rape me. All year....more
thank you so much for sharing your story and breaking the silence.  this reality sickens me and ...more

Dear Graffiti Artist David Choe: "Yes With Her Eyes" Is Rape

Trigger alert: This post contains a graphic description of non-consensual sex. On his podcast, DVDASA, graffiti artist David Choe recounted his latest “sexual conquest”—one that sounds disturbingly close to rape, whether or not it was a made-up story....more
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WTF Mississippi??

Seriously, there are days I wonder about Mississippi … the days ending in the letter “y”. If it weren’t for the fact The Sweet Potato Queens were from there, I’d be willing to write the whole place off. Which reminds me. Y’all want this book: Fat is the New 30 by the Boss Queen of the Sweet Potato Queens, Jill Connor Brown....more

India's Rape Culture And The Bollywood "Item Girl"

By Guest Writer | On 30, Jan 2014 for www.literallydarling.com...more