Vanilla Ice Moved Into My Neighborhood and I Want to Be His Bestie

I believe that people deserve the right to privacy. I would never put someone on blast for anything. It is not my place. Live and let live. That is my motto. Even celebrities. But then Vanilla Ice went and moved into the neighborhood, Y’all! Miami’s on the scene, just in case you didn’t know it. How am I supposed to sit on that piece of information quietly? Image: © Arnold Drapkin via ZUMA Wire ...more
Thank you! Mee toooo! \U0001f602more

My Love/Hate Relationship with Drake

I have a love/hate relationship with Drake. “I’m more than just an option..hey hey hey.. refuse to be forgotten…hey hey hey.. I took a chance with my heart…”  The lyrics to this song gave me the sentiment that Aubrey and I were already well on our way to being personally acquainted. Image: © Dafydd Owen/UPPA/ZUMA Wire ...more

(VIDEO) "Letter to Lil Wayne" -- Young Black Girls on Misogyny in Hip-Hop

When rapper Lil Wayne was released from prison last year after being incarcerated for eight months on a gun possession charge , Hip-Hop media outlets and his fans welcomed him home with open arms. ...more
WOW! I wonder if Lil Wayne saw this music video, I hope he does and see his reaction. Women are ...more