WTF Jasper, TX?

Golly gee. I am so glad we now live in a colorblind and thus racism-free America. Otherwise, I would be deeply suspicious of the latest bullshit out of Jasper, TX. The cops of Jasper have officially decided that a black guy named Alfred Wright died of an “accidental drug overdose”....more

Media Images We Need

Media images and cultural messaging shape our thoughts. We can deny it all we want, but they do. Even when you KNOW BETTER than to buy into some stereotype/tope/bullshit you have to make yourself remember and counter earlier conditioning....more

Equal Opportunity People Hater

My daughter did it! My four-year-old daughter completed a ballet class without mommy having to perform a single twirl. When we arrived at her ballet class on Saturday afternoon, I admit to feeling less than confident that Sophie would come through. She had assured me that she would participate in the class. However, after the fiasco that was last week's ballet class, my faith in her was tenuous, at best. Initially, she sat in my lap against the wall. However, she quickly stood and began performing the dance moves along with the class, all the while standing against the wall....more