Linzer Stars

Oh heyyyyy,Isn't Christmas season the best? You get to wear cozy (and sometimes sparkly!) clothes, drink cozy (and usually spiked!) drinks, and eat some delicious, decadent food without feeling the least bit guilty about it. It's the holidays! Right??? ;)...more

Making jam with my Grannies: Learning about collaboration, leading and following

This month, I am reflecting on work as part of the Blogher NaBloPoMo challenge. And I sure have a lot to say on the topic when it comes to my job at the University. But if I really think about it, one way I really learned how to work was by watching my Granny and my Grandmother work hard for the family through providing nourishment and healing.Often, this involved growing things and cooking things, but what comes to mind most is jam. Yes, you read that right, jam as in sour cherry jam, quince jam, gooseberry jam or raspberry jam. No jelly need apply....more