Nana's Ravioli

My aunt taught me how to make ravioli this past fall.  It's unique and it has old-world Chicago written all over it.  Homemade dough, meat and spinach filling, and gravy, then fried in butter until brown and crispy.   This is my Nana's ravioli and it's delicious.

Ravioli with radicchio ,ricotta and speck

Dear friends! ...more

Fresh Ravioli with ricotta cheese and spinach, served in a creamy spinach sauce

Let's admit it we do love ourselves some fulfilling recipes which most of the times uses meat. Well tonight  wasn't the case, a surprising vegetarian dish which was tasteful, delicious and with some intense flavors....more

Greek-Inspired Ravioli ~SO EASY~

Greek-Inspired Raviolimothersapronstrings Greek-Inspired RavioliThis recipe is designed as a “dinner for 2”and can be on the table in less than 30 minutes.Ingredients:12 frozen cheese ravioli1/3 lb. lean ground beef...more

Spinach Ravioli

I usually have an idea in my head about what my next recipe will be (and it's always a really, really long list).  But, from time to time, I solicit suggestions from my family and listen to what they would like to see on the blog next (and by blog, I mean dinner table).  This recipe was the suggestion of Real Food Jr.  She loves raviolis and spinach so I figured this would be a no lose recipe.  And I was right!  She loved the raviolis and the rest of us did too!  You could pour marinara sauce on top or dip them.  It took some time to pu...more

Not Mac&Cheese, It's Rav&Cheese: AROMA CUCINA

AROMA CUCINA Umbrian version of mac & cheese, but better, and it was made from leftovers! ...more

Two days in the higher raw life…

sausage ravioli with asparagus cream sauce

I think this may be my favorite recipe that I've shared on my blog so far. Not in terms of the preparation (it's a little tricky!) but the FLAVOR is out. of. control. ...more

You'll Like This

“You’ll like this.” That’s what Debbie said during a morning run last week, while trying to explain why she never dropped off my share of mushroom ravioli from a recent cooking date. You see, it had been a somewhat amusing afternoon making ravioli together.  Cue the wavy flashback lines…   Although Debbie made the dough ahead of time --as we usually do-- for some reason it was stubborn that day.  She guessed that she might have added a bit too much water, which made it difficult to work with....more

Pumpkin Potstickers with Sage Butter

Last night was Halloween, and I took some short cuts so I could wait for the Great Pumpkin.  ...more

Possibly because I haven't eaten dinner in two days but also because it just looks ...more