Sweet & Salty Indulgence


Chocolate-Maca Tonic

Tomorrow is my birthday so to celebrate I decided to share with you all one of my favorite superfood tonics! This drink was inspired by a drink I had in Maui a few years ago.  After recreating it at home it soon became something that I drank every day. Since moving to the east coast I haven’t been making it as often as I like but with my birthday approaching I decided to get back in the habit of adding this super tonic into my routine. more>>...more

Mini Raw Samoa Cheesecakes

The first time I had a raw cheesecake was when I was in Maui for my wedding/honeymoon. While we were there we found this awesome little vegan(with the exception of some uses of honey) restaurant called Choice Health Bar.  We had just gotten off the four hour plane ride and we were starving.  I used my handy Happy Cow app and found Choice. And I am so glad I did. more>>...more

Raw Zucchini with Avocado Basil Sauce

Raw Zucchini with Avocado Basil SauceYeah, my evening shift at work tonight was cancelled due to freezing rain and snow! Tuesdays I work until 9pm which doesn’t allow much time to make a full recipe. I make my husband Philip tend for himself and the kids. That usually means Pasta and a jar of sauce. I don’t eat store bought pasta or sauce because I prefer raw zucchini pasta, oh so yummy. So it was a perfect night for a quick bowl of Raw Zucchini with Avocado Basil Sauce, no cooking needed!...more

Have You Considered Raw? What Our Dogs Eat - Part 1: How We Decided What Diet To Feed Norman & Cody

 This post will cover some less than savory topics (bowel movements, Cody's original issues, diet choices, etc.)   We do not think there is ONE best way to feed all pets.  Each animal's case is unique and as such we are only stating what we decided was BEST for NORMAN and CODY and not advocating for any specific diet or lifestyle...just sharing our own journey. ...more

Easy, Raw Date Bars


Cantaloupe Cream Shooters

Oil free, raw avocado pesto

I have always heard of pesto, i mean from the restarurnt's menu, but i have never tried it. Funny, huh?:P After searching for some recipes, I found it was pretty easy to make. So I thought why not give a shot?Instead of adding ton of olive oil, I trying using coconut water as the base liquid, and it turned out really great! With a tiny hint of sweetness from the coconut water, it brings the ''pesto'' to another level. And there I have it, a fully-raw, oil-free version ''pesto'' ! Hope you like it!:) Ingredients:...more

Opening a Coconut in 7 Simple Steps

Whole coconuts are insanely cheap right now.Until recently, I believed that if you didn’t have a machete at home, breaking open a coconut was next to impossible.Thankfully, I’ve landed on the easiest way to break open a coconut with the tools you have around your home and in 7 simple steps.Y’all ready for this?...more

Raw Spirulina Energy Crunch Bars

It's been nice to start each week off with a tasty new snack, and this week was no exception. In between baking a cake for my dad's birthday and icing my knee from my race, I also made a batch of raw energy bars!...more

HealthfulPursuit, thanks for the tip on that!

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