Up to the Amish for Raw Milk

Over the river and through the woods, it's up to the Amish we go!Sing with me EVERYONE!The car knows the road to carry the loadof raw milk we'll get to-day, hey!I said EVERYONE! Amish farm in rural Pennsylvania. OK, ok...so you're not into a trip up to the Amish......more
@KarenLynnn Raw Milk...Beer...All the same....So cool you are from around here. If you are in ...more

Milking Raw Milk Dairy Farms Dry

It is amazing that people are allowed to smoke cigarettes, known to be harmful, but in many states are not allowed to drink milk straight from the farm. It is also amazing how a small farmer's livelihood may be physically threatened by government regulators who have sting operations in the early hours of the morning. Raw milk has been drunk throughout history and is still drunk all over the world today. Only in the United States where its consumption threatens industrial dairy businesses is the question of raw milk safety overemphasized in the hopes of putting small farmers out of business....more
@HomeRearedChef Yes! Yes! Drink raw milk...you need more wee beasties in your insides. The whole ...more

Raw Milk Rides Again!

On November 1, 2011, Moms, Dads, families, singles, Senior Citizens and babies arrived in White Oak, Maryland and peacefully demonstrated against laws that prohibit the sale of raw milk and transporting it across state lines. On Thursday, December 8, 2011, a similar group will be traveling to Chicago to get the word out. They hope to challenge the FDA to change these modern day laws controlling a safe foodstuff that is as old as humanity itself: milk drunk directly from grass fed, healthy cows. Be informed about this situation! Food freedom affects us all! ...more
I understand your resentment, and I agree with how you feel. @Ms. Glaze ~Virginiamore