Got a Goat?

Do you have a goat in your backyard? I was talking to one of my coworkers and she told me this fascinating story about her family and their goat :) Yep, a goat. It might not be too surprising for you, but it was for me because since I moved here from Russia, I have never met anyone who had a goat in their backyard. I love that!!! ...more

The Benefits of Raw Milk

People think I am bonkers for my obsession with raw milk and raw dairy products, and there is a lot of fear about drinking raw milk, and I think that is due to people not really understanding what it is and all of the benefits.  I will not lie and say that there are no risks, because there are, and some people with immunocompromised systems (due to illness, chronic disease, and/or medications) that should probably not drink raw milk, and those who are pregnant should always err on the safe side and only ingest pasteurized food.What is Raw Milk?...more