Simplify your holiday gift giving with handmade gift boxes.

It's never too early to start planning your gift giving for the holiday season. After all, it takes time to find something special for each recipient, and you certainly don't want to give a gift that's going to be returned the next day. But it's not just the gifts that are important. The presentation of your gifts is important as well. And if you're a busy mom - aren't all moms busy? - sometimes you just don't have the time to wrap after the shopping is done....more

Skip the bin. Recycle paper into everyday objects instead.

Tired of dumping newspaper, computer paper and magazines in the bin for someone else to recycle? Here are ten creative ways you can recycle paper at home in ways that can be re-used again and again. 1....more

I've been using the comics to wrap gifts since I was a little kid (my mom used to do it). Thanks ...more

Maker Faire, Are You a Maker?

RT @SisterDiane: Okay, here's the plan: Maker Faire becomes some kind of permanent geek village, and we all go live there together. You in? ...more

The Ideal Green Mom on a Budget

By Melinda @ The following is an example of the ideal green mom on a budget. Many of us do some of this and some mainstream stuff too because it is all we are mentally ready to tackle. This ideal example should be seen as a guide from which anyone can pick and choose green ideas while trying to live on a budget in these tough times. ...more

fun and frugal - what more could you want?

Arctic Circle by Alex Hallatt ♦ ♦ ♦ And if that's not enough for all of you, my favored readers I give you this... ...more