Saturn and OnStar Saved The Day!

When Sam, Double Agent Girl and I stopped at a rest stop on the I-90 on the way to BlogHer Boston, the only thing on our minds was feeding baby Hudson, and making sure we got to BlogHer safely. We had seen an ambulance at the side of the highway a few minutes before we pulled over, but no real evidence of a car accident, and Sam intuitively said, "Maybe it was a heart attack." Unfortunately Sam was right.  ...more

My Darling,

I cannot tell you how much fun I had travelling with you and Sam this ...more

BlogHer DC - The Liveblogs

BlogHer DC kicks off bright and early on October 13, 2008. This is the place to find the liveblogs, which will be posted shortly after the sessions end. Check back often as the links go live! * * * * * * *   Blogging Basics: I Blog, Therefore I Am… How to find your blogging mojo Online Community building as natural promotional tool ...more

Thank goodness Laurie blogged it for us!

BlogHer Community Manager


BlogHer Boston - The Liveblogs

BlogHer Boston kicks off bright and early on October 11, 2008. This is the place to find the liveblogs, which will be posted shortly after the sessions end. Check back often as the links go live! * * * * * * * ...more

You can view footage I streamed live of the Final Keynote from my phone at: more

Boston, here I come!

Nervous & excited, excited & nervous.  I'm betting that I'm not the only one who is feeling these feelings today.  In 2 days, I'll be loading up 3 kids, 1 hub, 1 overnight bag, a handful of shiny new business cards and myself in the car and heading to my very first blogging conference!  ...more

BlogHer Boston: Breastfeeding Optional

I can't tell you how freaking excited I am to be driving a Saturn Vue Hybrid to BlogHer Boston! Joining me are Amanda from Between the Crosshairs, Sam from Temporarily Me, and Sam's baby, Hudson. ...more

so what time is dinner?
cute video and even cuter kids. i have to agree the dog was ...more

It's Not Too Late To Register for BlogHer Boston & BlogHer DC!

There's still time to register for BlogHer Boston and BlogHer DC...but not much! Click here to register for BlogHer Boston. Click here to register for BlogHer DC. ...more

Baby, you can drive my car

My first reaction to being chosen for a BlogHer carpool was excitement.  I immediately rained on my own parade with self-doubt.  Why would they choose me?  Since I quit working to stay at home, my brain has turned to the mashed bananas that my feral child likes to stomp on the floors.  Then again, with five children in five different schools, I do spend a huge amount of my time in a car.<!--break-->  ...more

Woo Hoo!  And we're carpooling together too! Which makes it more than exciting, right?  Poor ...more

RE-UPDATE! BlogHer Boston & DC - Last Days To Reserve Your Hotel Room

If you've been waiting to reserve your hotel room (or to register!) for BlogHer BOSTON or BlogHer DC, time is almost up! The last day to reserve your room in Boston is this Friday; DC is TODAY, Monday, September 22. Reminder: ...more

Join BlogHer On The Road! All Reach Out Tour Cities Now Open For Registration

If you can't make it to BlogHer '08 in San Francisco this year, maybe you can join us in one of our SIX "Reach Out Tour" cities this fall? We'll be condensing our annual event into one-day extravaganzas in Boston, DC, Nashville, Greensboro, Atlanta and New Orleans. And you can register now for any or all of them! ...more

Actually, that's a great question!

Each city's more

Reach Out Tour '08: BlogHer DC Is Open for Registration!

We are pleased to announce that the second stop of the first-ever BlogHer road show, the Reach Out Tour, is officially open for registration! BlogHer DC '08 will be taking place on Monday, October 13, at the Hyatt Regeny Bethesda. It will feature many of the same elements of our annual event, along with a little local flavor. ...more

I'm going to do my best to come.  It's so close I would hate to miss it! 

Carole ...more