Four Books to Read and One to Skip

  Part of my list of things to do before 40 is to ...more

Gluten-free Brazilian Cheese Rolls

When you're gluten-free, it's a rare treat to eat a sandwich with bread that actually tastes good. I'll even pass for edible.  Well, these Brazilian cheese rolls are not only good, they're delicious.  I had a version of them at a lovely New York restaurant called Comodo and went home and figured out how to make them.  They use tapioca flour so they're gluten-free.  They taste like gougeres, and you know how addicting they are.  ...more

Fun - Reading a Good Book Can Be Fun

It is sensational to learn that reading a good book can be fun! When you ask people what they do for fun you will get a variety of answers:bikingknittingplaying an instrumenttravelkickboxingskydivingplaying portsreadingThose of you  who are not bibliophiles aka book lovers may see reading on that list and say "Huh?...more

Sam Is Mad at Me: How to Teach Your Child to Read

"Sam is mad at me." "Sam is mad at me." "Sam is mad at me." Yesterday morning, I'm hearing this whisper chanted in my ear over and over. Lying in bed in the dark early hours of the morning, my five year old son, Trevor, is sitting up next to me repeating a sentence he read from his reading lesson the day before. He always tiptoes to my bed in the morning and snuggles with me for a while before we get up. My daughter does too. Today it seemed extra early though....more
@NinaLevin  Good to know. I'll have to check it out! :)more

Sensational Saturday - Favorite Books - Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

Sensational Saturday - it is sensational to read a book as a child and still enjoy it as an adult....more

Wonderful Wednesday - Work Smarter, Read a Book

Wonderful Wednesday - a wonderful way to start working smarter is to read a book!...more

A full day of "me" moments

In a blink of an eye, we are already in April, and when I added up all the days together, I have not been working for almost three months! I was drained, exhausted, and was never in the mood to write. But this morning, I decided that I need to pick myself up again and get the momentum going....more

(Workingberlin)mum's Tip's Friday Announcement Week 3: What Parenting Books Work(ed) Best For You?

Due to a lack of online-ness (yes, I know I am in fact making up a word there) yesterday (it was 'The Lawyer's' birthday and computer time was not to be had) I didn't get the chance to write what the subject will be of tomorrow's (Workingberlin)Mum's Tip's Friday'! Rubbish I know. So here are the details for tomorrow: ...more

Leave a comment, be my #1000

When I wrote about the power of blogging I said how the best part of this my new experience is getting feedback from readers. (read more)From

Up to My Neck in Work: 7 Links Challenge

Time is always of the essence for me since I am always running late. This week is no exception....more