My 2-Books-Each-Month Reading Challenge List

Last year I discovered the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I quickly signed up when I found a list of 16 Books to Read Before They Hit Theaters. I challenged myself to read at least one book a month. ...more
ahorga Thank you! Yes aren't lists great! Mindful and motivating all in one sweep as long as ...more

Sunday Summary - New Tradition Edition

The new year has arrived, and with it a slightly tweaked Alphabet Salad "Sunday Summary" blogging tradition. In addition to posting my Photo A Day Challenge pictures (as I've been doing each week for the past couple of months), I'm going to expand my "Sunday Summary" post into a potpourri of random tidbits - happenings, interesting finds, other creativity challenges, and so on - from the previous week in my world. I hope you enjoy the new and improved format... and then take a minute to share in the comments what's been happening in your world! ...more