Setting Goals for 2009 with Reading Challenges

As 2009 looms out ahead of us it's time to start thinking about what you want to accomplish by this time next year. Readers are starting with a clean slate and many of us like to set reading goals. Sometimes the lack of goals and challenges is also a goal which is what I'm aiming for but for those of you looking to spice up your reading with goals here's a big list of year long challenges to get you started. I believe there is something here for every reader but if not feel free to set up your own challenge! ...more

The timing of me finding this post is just perfect.  I haven't read much the last year or ...more

Books That Go Bump In The Night

The summer is officially over. Kids are either back in school or heading back next week. University students are flocking back into town this weekend. It's been getting dark earlier. But the real sign that summer is over is that I'm thinking about ghoulish, ghosty and gothic reading I need to do for the annual RIP Challenge. Yes, that time of year where you will find Reader's Imbibing Peril all over the blogosphere is here. ...more

... is a very good one! I am a huge Rachel Caine fan because of that and the Weather Warden ...more

Don't Buy That Book!

I'm sure it's a lovely book, possibly even a fantastic book. Set it down and think - when's the last time you bought a book? How many have you bought recently? Have you read them all yet? How many unread books are there in your house? If the answer to any, or all, of these questions scares you perhaps you need to join the Ban on Spending Book Challenge. ...more


I confess I am hopelessly addicted.  Keep making resolutions not to buy more, even ...more

Books from English Classes Past

Confession time: I wasn't an English major.  And now I am launching myself into the world of professional book reviewing and journalism. ...more

Spring Reading Check-In and Challenges

I was cruising around BlogHer the other day and happened upon MC's spring reading list. Wait a minute? It's really almost spring? I mean, I know that I've complained that this winter is unending (repeatedly) but it's really almost spring? Seriously? A new season it a good time to reassess any reading goals you made at the beginning of the year or set some new ones. ...more

And say that you could use it as a change to refocus on your existing challenges.


Setting Reading Goals: 2008 Reading Challenges

It's a shiny new year, sitting and waiting for us to fill it up with ideas and events. Many of us do that by listing resolutions or setting goals for how we want our year to shape up. Perhaps one of your goals for the year to read more books. As you know from Kristy's excellent Good Health-a-thon post if we want our goals to be successful it goes a long way if we make them S.M.A.R.T. Something that could help you on reading path is a reading challenge (or two or three...). ...more

I've got my eye on the categories one and I'd really love to do it but I don't think it's going ...more