5 Things To Do When Your Child Struggles With Reading

Can I be real with you? I found myself dreading homework time with my 2nd grader.When your child struggles with reading, homework time can become stressful for everyone involved. I could literally see his anxiety when it was time to start his homework during the week. And if I brought a book to read at bedtime, the nervousness that I would ask him to "help" read it aloud was evident and crushing. It took some time, but we are getting into a routine that is helping him to become more comfortable and alleviate the stress....more

25 Must-Read Picture Books

 "Make it a rule never to give a child a book you would not read yourself."- George Bernard Shaw  I make no secret that I'm a book nerd....more

Encouraging Reading

Teaching a child to read is not as difficult as teaching a child to love reading.  The two do not go hand in hand....more
Thanks DesiValentine, very well put. I couldn't have agreed more.more