Setting Reading Goals for 2013

With every new year I like to think back on my previous reading year and try to figure out what worked for me and what did not. Did I read all the books I wanted to read? Of course not, I never do. But how many of the books I read were ones I really wanted to read? Did I have a good reading year? Did I find a balance between fun and challenging? And perhaps the biggest question of all, how do I want the upcoming reading year to look? ...more
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2011 Reading Challenges and Goals: Are You Ready?

As 2010 winds down and I start looking towards 2011, I am thinking about reading goals for the coming year. For me, reading goals are about more than just what books I want to read. No, what I'm really thinking about is how I want to spend my time. When I look back at 2010 I can see that I read less than I did the year before, and that I blogged about books even less. I sent a lot of books back to the library unread. I didn't lose my reading spark but it got dimmed. I need something that will help me find that spark again. Looking at the reading challenges out there and setting some goals can help me with that. ...more

To share what you've read? Some of my reading challenges are actually related to my blog. To me ...more

How Many Books Did You Say You'd Read in 2009? You've Got Seven Weeks ...

The beginning of a new year is a wonderful. It's bright, shiny and full of possibilities. So we dutifully fill it up with hopes and goals. There's just under seven weeks left in 2009 which makes it a good time to check in with your reading goals. ...more

And I collect them too. If I'm reading a book that makes me feel like I must write down ...more