I Finished My January Reading Goal!


Multi-Tasking My Book Stack

I heard that after the many embarrassing moments involving George W. Bush and what book he was supposedly reading, that the question, “Mr. President, what are you reading now?” was off limits to the press core.  That may have been after a photo was snapped of him reading a book upside down, or after his admission that he used books as a sedative before sleeping....more

My End of the World Reading List

What will you read?http://www.huffingtonpost.com/gina-barreca/may-21-rapture-books_b_864359... Your Shameless Friend,Ginawww.ginabarreca.comTwitter @TheGinaBarreca...more

Rainy Saturday Reading

For me, there’s no better way to spend a cold, rainy day than to curl up with Amber, some hot chocolate, and my assorted reading materials.  After what has been a crazy busy, but wonderful week, it will be a divine indulgence to spend a day just catching up on my reading.  ...more

Wanted: GLBT Book List MEME

I'm an avid reader. I'm a lesbian. PRIDE month and sassymonkey's day off have conspired to bring me here to blog about queer reading lists. I have stumbled upon some problems while writing this post. Let me tell you about those problems. ...more

Heh. I saw that yesterday and forgot to go and fix. Thanks for the ...more